Thursday 9 December 2021
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Swimming Nationals: Srihari bags 2 gold medals on Day 4

Srihari Nataraj won the men's 100 metre freestyle swimming title before bettering his own national record to win the gold in the 50 metre backstroke event

Bhopal: Teen sensation Srihari Nataraj won the men’s 100 metre freestyle swimming title before bettering his own national record to win the in the 50 metre backstroke event of the 73rd Glenmark Senior National Aquatic Championship here on Tuesday.

The Day 4 of the swimming nationals witnessed four national records being broken across nine categories — seven individual and two team events.

Karnataka swimmer Srihari created a national record by finishing with a timing of 25.58 seconds to clinch the in the men’s 50 metre backstroke event. Rakshith Shetty and PS Madhu finished second and third respectively in the swimming event.

In the 100 metre freestyle swimming, the 18-year-old Srihari (50.59) turned his silver from last year into by pipping AS Anand (51.49) of SSCB. Vinay Saharan (also of SSCB) won the medal.

Delhi’s Kushagra Rawat broke the men’s 800 metre freestyle meet record clocking 8:09.47s. Soumyajit Sahaa and Sushrut Kapse of Railways came second and third respectively.

The women’s 200 metre freestyle saw Shivani Kataria of Haryana better her own record to win the medal. Mahrashtra’s Kenisha Gupta and Khushi Dinesh of Karnataka finished second and third respectively.

The last record of the day was broken in the mixed 4×50 metre event. Team Mahrashtra, comprising Mihir Ambre, Kenisha Gupta and husband- duo of Rujuta and Virdhawal Khade, comfortably won the the event to clinch the gold medal with the timing of 1:39.69.

Showing their depth of talent, Mahrashtra beat the challenge of team RSPB, who won silver, while Karnataka claimed with a time 1:41.92.



800 metre Freestyle: Kushagra Rawat (Delhi) 8:09.47 (NMR); Soumyajit Saha (RSPB) 8:32.01; Sushrut Kapse (RSPB) 8:33.58

100 metre Butterfly: Sajan Prakash (Police) 54.25, Mihir Ambre (Maharashtra) 54.38; Supriya Mondal (RSPB) 54.47

50 metre Backstroke: Shrihari Nataraj (Karnataka)25.58 (NMR); Rakshith Shetty (Karnataka) 26.73; MADHU P S (SSCB) 27.02

100 metre Freestyle: Shrihari Nataraj (Karnataka) 50.59; Anand AS (SSCB) 51.49;
Vinay Saharan (SSCB) 52.87.


200 metre Freestyle: Shivani Kataria (Haryana) 2:05.80 (NMR); Kenisha Gupta (Mahrashtra) 2:07.94; Khushi Dinesh (Karnataka) 2:10.49

100 metre Butterfly: Divya Satija (Haryana) 1:04.38; Apeksha Fernandes (Maharashtra) 1:05.53; Nina Venkatesh (Karnataka) 1:05.98.

50 metre Backstroke: Maana Patel (Gujarat) 30.39, Jyotsna Pansare (Maharashtra) 30.82; Ridhima Veerendra Kumar (Karnataka)30.87

4 x 200 metre Freestyle: Karnataka (Damini K Gowda,Suvana C Baskar, Smruthi Mahalingam, Khushi Dinesh) 9:04.86; Maharashtra (Yuga Birnale, Siyaa Shetty, Sadhvi Dhuri, Rutuja Talegaonkar) 9:08.51; Tamil Nadu (Swarna K Harith, Meenakshi V K R, Shakthi B, Bhavika Dugar) 9:04.86.

Mixed 4×50 metre Freestyle: Mahrashtra (Mihir Ambre, Kenisha Gupta, Rujuta Khade, Virdhawal Khade) 1:39.69 (NMR); RSPB (Aaron D’Souza Avantika Chavan Aditi Dhumatkar Viraj Prabhu) 1:41.83; Karnataka (Likith S P Deeksha Ramesh Smruthi Mahalingam Shrihari Nataraj) 1:41.92.


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