Monday 20 September 2021
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Swara sees Taliban in Hindutva: Twitterati see this in her

Her objects of hate, Hindus, wouldn't take it lying down; they gave it back to Swara Bhasker left, right and centre and asked for her arrest

As the Taliban took over Afghanistan and spine-chilling pictures and videos received from the war-ravaged country disturbed people across the world, Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker found in the horror an excuse to justify her odd politics. No for guessing she has got it left, right and centre from the trolls since her tweet. A demand to arrest Swara surfaced soon.

Swara had compared the Taliban to the Hindutva (being Hindu, a coinage associated with Veer Savarkar). ‘Arrest Swara Bhasker’ trended on Twitter.

Swara Bhaskar had tweeted, ‘We cannot be okay with Hindutva terror, and everyone is shocked and devastated by Taliban terror. We cannot sit still with Taliban terror and then get angry about the terror of Hindutva. Our human and moral values should not be based on the identity of the oppressed.’

Swara Bhaskar’s tweet offended many. Hindus felt insulted by her hate campaign anew. Several verified Twitter handles among other users of the platform expressed their outrage. 

A Twitter user named Hopping Bug wrote: “#ArrestSwaraBhasker Swara Bhaskar should be arrested and sent to Afghanistan so that she can host Talibanis. Then she would know the difference between Indians and Talibanis. Today illiteracy is at the same level in the film industry of our country.”

Many other users are still trolling Swara Bhasker.

Commenting on her tweet, a user wrote: ‘The existence of persons like you proves that there was no Hindutva terror. Hindutva doesn’t need getting certified by any Swara, Mia Khalifa, Malala and Greta.”

Another user tweeted, ”Don’t equate Taliban with Hindutva and create a false narrative.”

A user advised Swara to go to Afghanistan to understand the meaning of terrorism. He wrote, “You should go to Afghanistan and live there for a few months to understand terror. Maybe then we will believe you.”

Another user wrote, “You are living in the most tolerant society and belong to a most tolerant religion. Else for saying something illogical and irrelevant like this… You don’t know what is terror, I wish someday you experience that.”

Another user said, “Hindu terror? If it is there, you won’t be available here to tweet this for the venom you spewed on some dais.” Recalling a scene from one of her films where she was seen masturbating, the user added, “Ungli karo aur so jao. Don’t think much.”

This was not the first time Swara was shamed for the scene in Veere di Wedding. Recall this?

Use your finger wisely': Swara Bhasker gets trolled for her masturbation  scene in Veere Di Wedding during Mumbai Polls

The Taliban have meanwhile taken control of the whole of Afghanistan. On 15 August, the Taliban raided the capital, Kabul, and captured the president’s house.

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