Thursday 24 June 2021
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Swara Bhasker believes love jihad is nothing but an electoral ploy

Known to pick fights with Twitter users and also troll fellow actors in the medium, Swara Bhasker has of late tweeting frantically, denying love jihad

According to character actress and Twitter troll Swara Bhasker, love jihad is a figment of some people’s imagination. She believes it helps win elections if the atmosphere is filled with “communal frenzy” and Muslim men are projected as criminals.

Swara Bhasker holds that a Hindu woman has no control over herself and her sex life till the time she remains Hindu.

Having posted such awkward views for some time on Twitter, Swara Bhasker thought of summarising her views on love jihad on Twitter, as follows:

To whip up a communal frenzy..
To have some more lies to spread during election campaigns..
To criminalise young Muslim men..
To control Hindu women and their sexuality..
To deepen fault lines between communities..
To create false enemies & whip up mass hatred toward them..

Let us assume for a moment that Love Jihad is real & needs fixing. Why can’t you prosecute using Section 366 (forced marriage), Section 415 (cheating), Section 340 (forcible confinement) & Section 383 (extortion)? Section 366 -> 10 years in prison. Why do you want a new law?

The new “Love Jihad” law carries a 5 year jail term for offenders. You already have Section 366 which can be invoked for a 10 year jail term. What is the logic here?

Originally tweeted by Dog Lover (@libertariandesi) on 17 November 2020.

Originally tweeted by Swara Bhasker (@ReallySwara) on 17 November 2020.

Swara was responding to a Twitter user with handle @libertariandesi (Dog Lover), who wrote to her: “Let’s assume for a moment that love jihad actually happens and it needs to end. Then why don’t you use Section 366 (forced marriage), Section 415 (fraud), Section 340 (forcible imprisonment) and Section 383 (extortion)? What is the need for a new law now?”

She quoted the tweet to write, “To foment communal frenzy, to spread some more lies during the election campaign, to criminalize Muslim youth, to control Hindu women and their sexuality, the gap between communities and to deepen, to create false enemies and to spread bigamy towards them.”

‘Dog Lover’ seems to speak Swara Bhasker’s mind. Her Twitter timeline shows a lot of tweets by this user either retweeted or quoted by her.

Seeing this particular tweet, while many users praised Swara, while many others questioned her belief. A user named Batman wrote, “To put the love jihadis behind bars, to save Hindu women from being hunted by love jihadis, to save Hindu women from conversion. To ensure that there are no more cases like the Nikita Tomar murder case, this is a major step of the Madhya Pradesh government. The Madhya Pradesh government has announced that it will soon enact a law to stop love jihad. Since then, many people are giving their own feedback (sic).”

Sirf News’ Editor-in-Chief Surajit Dasgupta reminded Swara that the term “love jihad” was coined (not by Hindus but) by Christians of Kerala in the 2000s.

Madhya Pradesh’s Minister of State for Home Narottam Mishra had said that the law would make love jihad a non-bailable offense and there would be a provision for punishment of up to 5 years. Prior to this announcement of the state government, the Uttar Pradesh government talked about enacting a strict law against love jihad.

The government of Haryana has announced a law to check love jihad too.

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