Friday 17 September 2021
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Suspect killer of BJP leader found dead in Tihar jail

Gangster Gujjar was earlier said to be working for the Sunder Bhati gang and was arrested in 2015 as a suspect in Noida BJP member Vijay Pandit’s murder

A 29-year-old gangster, Ankit Gujjar, who allegedly killed Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vijay Pandit in Greater Noida, was found dead inside the Tihar jail complex this morning. Initial investigation has revealed that he might have been beaten to death by four assaulters. Jail officials are probing the role of deputy superintendent in connection with the murder of the gangster, a suspect in Pandit’s murder case.

Gangster Gujjar was earlier said to be working for the Sunder Bhati gang. Police arrested him in 2015 in connection with Noida worker Pandit’s murder. He was allegedly involved in 22 cases, including eight cases of murder and extortion.

The father of the suspect murderer, Vikram Singh, alleged that his son was murdered by the jail officials after he refused to give them protection money. “My son was lodged in Tihar jail for the last one year and he was beaten to death by the jail official. They were demanding Rs 10,000 from him as protection money, but he refused to give and they started targeting him,” he alleged.

DG (Tihar) Sandeep Goel said the deceased was lodged in jail number three and he was found dead on Wednesday morning. “Judicial inquiry is on and the Tihar jail administration has also initiated an inquiry into the incident,” he said.

Officials said the victim was a close associate of South-Delhi based jailed gangster Rohit Chaudhary and he was arrested last year from Haryana’s Jhajjar by the Delhi Police Special Cell. “He was arrested by UP Police in 2016 and was released on bail in 2019. After coming out of jail, he met with Rohit Chaudhary and started committing with him. He was carrying a reward of Rs 1 lakh from UP and Rs 25,000 in Delhi,” a senior police officer said.

Gangster Ankit’s death is significant because only last month the Delhi ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to a case of an inmate named Shrikant Rama Swami’s murder inside the prison on 14 May.

Swami, an under-trial prisoner, was found dead on 14 May 2002, in Barrack No. 4 of Ward No. 2 at Tihar’s Jail Number 2.

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