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Sushant case sees CBI probe cook, ‘friends’, Mumbai Police, doctors,Bollywood biggies, Dubai mafia…

Probing the case of the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today subjected the actor’s cook Neeraj to at least 10 questions. According to sources, the CBI questioned Neeraj in a secluded guest house about the events that took place on 13 June. Private detectives believe Sushant had been murdered that night whereas Police discovered his corpse on 14 June and claimed he was alive that morning before “committing suicide”.

The CBI, sources said, began by asking the cook who all were present in the flat of Sushant at the time of his death.

The cook was asked how much time Sushant spent with the rest of the people.

Why the cook of Sushant is a suspect

The agency wanted to know from Neeraj how Sushant behaved especially on the night of 13 June. They asked him whether Sushant’s meal that day was “normal”. It may be noted here that the cook had come knocking at the door in the morning of 14 June to ask whether there would be any change in the menu. Private sleuths believe that act was a tactic to mislead the police.

Neeraj was asked at what time Sushant Singh went to sleep. The CBI asked the cook who saw Sushant’s body first. This was accompanied by the question as to who all were present in the room when Sushant’s body was found.

“Did anyone ask you to remove Sushant’s body? If yes, who was it?” the CBI asked the cook.

Neeraj was questioned as to when the police control room was called and who made the call.

Interrogation of Sushant ‘s house manager

The CBI team questioned Sushant’s house manager Samuel Miranda for 5 hours today. The agency left Bandra Police Station at 9:30 PM.

This morning, the CBI interrogated Sushant’s cook Neeraj for 9 hours and then met with DCP Abhishek Trimukhe. A team of CBI reached the police station and took into its custody the case diary and documents. Sushant’s phone and medical reports are with the CBI too.

A team of the central agency is preparing a dummy at Sushant’s house.

CBI believes Disha Salian’s death is related

The CBI team will look into Sushant’s former commercial manager Disha Salian’s mysterious ‘suicide’ too. Recall that a video had shown that she was merrily partying the night before what Police touted as her suicide. CBI will try to find out whether Sushant’s death has any connection with Disha’s death.

Sushant was reportedly upset with Disha’s death. Private investigators say Disha’s increasing proximity with Salman Khan’s protege Sooraj Pancholi had Sushant worried that she was going late actress Jiah Khan’s way. The budding actress Khan had allegedly committed suicide, abetted by Pancholi who had impregnated her.

There is no information currently about what questions the CBI has asked Samuel. But the agency is expected to have asked him what happened on 13 and 14 June in Sushant’s house. The CBI team will further interrogate Sushant’s alleged friend Sandeep Ssingh.

Doctors, Cooper Hospital next in the line

The CBI’ is expected to interrogate the team of five doctors that conducted the autopsy on Sushant’s body. Sushant’s postmortem report glaringly does not mention the time of death. And despite the contagion that has been for months now, they did not subject the actor’s body to tests for the coronavirus disease either.

Rhea Chakraborty had reached the Cooper Hospital on 15 June though she did not have the clearance for it. The CBI will, therefore, ask the doctors what she was doing there for 45 minutes in their company.

The agency will ask the hospital management how they could let Rhea Chakraborty into the hospital mortuary, as she was not related to the now-dead actor.

CBI reconstructs crime scene; Police personnel loiter around apartment of Sushant

The CBI is planning to re-enact the crime scene at Sushant’s house. The agency is preparing for a dummy tonight.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, two Police officers were seen going to Sushant’s apartment. Both exited shortly after. When the reporters hanging around the house asked them questions, the Mumbai cops hurried away from the scene.

Police is suspect too

Sources said the CBI team will question DCP Dahiya too. Sushant’s brother OP Singh had messaged Paramjit Dahiya in the month of February, saying that Sushant’s life was in danger. The officer asked the actor’s brother to formally complain about it.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of Sushant’s apartment has been handed over to the forensic team that will try to find out if anybody had tampered with the footage.

Some eyewitnesses had complained CCTV cameras had been turned off before the so-far official date of Sushant’s death. They named a young politician who had reached Sushant’s house. If some cameras were operational, the footage would be a clincher for the CBI.

The CBI team has also taken some documents from Zone 9 DCP Abhishek Trimukhe who was in charge of this investigation. Rhea Chakraborty’s call history had revealed that she had met Trimukhe several times during the investigation into Sushant’s death.

Agency divides work among 5 teams

The CBI has divided its work among five teams.

  1. One team is questioning suspects
  2. Another team is examining the case files and evidence
  3. A third team is investigating the cover-up angle
  4. The fourth team is recreating the crime scene and signs of anybody tampering with evidence
  5. The fifth team is of forensic experts. It will participate in the dummy as well as do the forensic study, examine the postmortem report and gather the necessary evidence.

SP Anil Yadav, who is investigating the police case file, heads the CBI team. SP Nupur Yadav’s team is doing the forensic analysis.

The CBI will conduct a fresh forensic investigation in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The team has expressed confidence in its veteran forensic doctor Dr Sudhir Gupta who is the expert who had helped the agency in the Sunanda Pushkar case. Gupta will lead the investigation forensic team.

Two dubious friends

The CBI recorded the statement of Mahesh Shetty who had reportedly informed Ssingh of Sushant’s death whereas neither of these self-proclaimed friends had been in touch with the actor for 10 months before his death. The agency wants to know why anybody would contact such friends of Sushant of his death first, who had long drifted away.

The CBI will interrogate Ssingh from whom they would like to know why he lied to the media about Sushant’s death. Furthermore, did he want to save some big shots of Bollywood by lying?

Sandeep gave two mutually contradictory statements to as many television channels. In one he said that he had got the news of Sushant’s death from TV. In the other, he said that Shetty had told him over the phone that Sushant had died.

3 phones, laptop seized

The CBI has seized three mobile phones and Sushant’s laptop in addition to the case diary from Mumbai Police. In addition, the agency has taken the furnishings from Sushant’s bedroom that include the bedsheet and a green cloth that Mumbai Police had claimed the actor had used to hang himself from the ceiling fan.

The dummy will follow the forensic evidence. Besides analysing the possibility of a tall man like Sushant hanging himself from a ceiling fan that wasn’t that high up, the sleuths will explore the possibilities with Sushant’s body weight too besides the ability of the fan to withstand his load.

The CBI will investigate the case from all possible angles of a gang-like behavioural pattern in Bollywood and its infamous Dubai-based mafia connection.


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