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Survey: 62% Indians support CAA; Assam lone dissenter in NE

While the divide in the religious demography was predictable, not only the NE but also south India threw up surprising results in the survey

In a survey conducted amidst a controversy over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a large number of people have supported the CAA. In this survey, 62% of the people of the country have supported the CAA. But 68% of people living in Assam are against this law. This information came out on Saturday in an IANS-CVoter survey.

In a snap poll conducted between 17 and 19 December among 3,000 citizens across the country amid riots in parts of the country over the law, the maximum number of 500 people were drawn from Assam, in which people from the Northeast and Muslim communities were equally present.

According to the survey result, 62.1% of the people across the country have said that they are in support of the CAA, while 36.8% of the people have said that they are against it.

In the report, 57.3%, 64.2%, 67.7% and 58.5% people from the east, west, north and south respectively said that they were in favour of the amended law. But 42.7% in the east, 35.4% in the west, 31.2% in the north and 38.8% in the south said that they oppose this law.

The report revealed that 63.5% of Muslims were against the law while 35% support it and 0.9% say that they cannot say anything about it. Among Hindus, 66.7% people support it while 32.3% are against it.

Among other religions, 62.7% is in its favour while 36% are opposed to the CAA.

To the question whether people could abuse the CAA to become a threat to the country, 64.4% of the people across the country said that was a possibility. However, 32% said that would not happen.

Survey asked whether CAA posed a security threat

The survey said that 69%, 66% and 72.8% of the people in the east, west and north India respectively felt that if people from other countries were to settle in India, national security might be threatened. However, 47.2% of the people of south India agree with this while 50% feel that there will be no threat to the country from settlements from other countries.

Only 59.8% of the people subjected to the survey in the northeastern states agree while 35.7% oppose the law. Meanwhile, in Assam, 73.4% of the people feel if foreigners settle in India, they can prove to be a threat to local society and national security. At the same time, 21.8% of people do not think so.

Among Hindus and Muslims, 65.3% and 67.5% respectively think the law could pose a threat while 33% and 28.2% of people from these communities respectively pooh-pooh the idea.

On the question of whether they supported the government or the opposition on the CAA, 58.6% of people said that they were with the government while 31.7% gave their support to the opposition.

Most of the people in east, west, north and northeast India support the government while 47.2% people of south India support the opposition on this matter.

Most in Northeast support CAA

This law was strongly opposed in Assam last week, yet the report has revealed that 50.6% of the people are in support of the law in the entire Northeast while 47.7% people are opposed to this Act. The survey shows that 68.1% of the people in Assam are against the CAA while 31% are supporting it.

In Assam, 53.5% of people in the survey are seen standing with opposition parties while 33.7% of people are in favour of the government.

Hindus and Muslims are divided over supporting the government over CAA. As many as 67% of Hindus support it while 71.5% of Muslims living in Assam are seen supporting the opposition.

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