Saturday 21 May 2022
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Sunil Jakhar, former Punjab Congress chief, resigns from party

After writing on Twitter yesterday that he would share his 'dil ki baat' today, Sunil Jakhar shared his Facebook live session this morning with the same title

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Former Punjab Congress chief Sunil Jakhar announced his decision to quit the party today, following his suspension by the party for two years before the assembly of the state. He has wished the party luck in a live session on Facebook.

“… Good luck and goodbye Congress,” Jakhar said. He said while he was upset and pained, he also fely “pity” for the INC.

Jakhar had written on Twitter yesterday that he would share his “dil ki baat” today. He shared his Facebook live session this morning with the same title.

The announcement comes amid the INC’s Chintan Shivir being held in Udaipur. “The Congress should have held a ‘Chinta Shivir’ and not a ‘Chintan Shivir'”, he said, calling the a mere “formality”. Jakhar also said that the top leadership of the INC hardly know or want to find out ways to save the party.

“The Congress should have formed an additional committee to look for reasons as to why it had failed miserably in Uttar Pradesh election,” Jakhar said. He also hit out at Harish Rawat and blamed him for the loss of the INC in the Punjab election.

Taking a dig at INC interim president Sonia Gandhi, Jakhar made an appeal, urging her to spare Punjab from the game of politics” as he believes the state has already seen enough “black days”.

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