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Sunderlal gives Noor Bano triple talaq, murders her

On Wednesday night, Mohammed Sunderlal had divorced his wife Noor Bano thrice; later that morning, her body was recovered just outside their village



Raiganj, West Bengal: The passing of the anti-triple talaq Bill in Parliament notwithstanding, a man killed his wife after divorcing his wife through the outlawed Islamic provision. Worse, he murdered her the next day. The incident took place in the southern Bishnupur village of Gauri village panchayat in the Raiganj police station area in North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. The name of the deceased is Noor Bano, and the suspect is her husband who curiously has a half-Muslim, half-Hindu name: Mohammed Sunderlal.

Residents of the village recovered the body of the woman this morning, a short distance away from their hamlet.

The incident has triggered widespread resentment in the area. Police have started investigating the incident. Since the incident, the parents-in-law of the victim have been absconding.

Family members of the deceased, including residents of the village, have demanded stern punishment for the culprits.

According to local sources, Mohammed Sundarlal, a resident of Dakshin Vishnupur village in Raigunj village, married Noor Bano, a resident of Dumdolia village of the Itha police station, four years ago. Mohammed Sunderlal’s habit of gambling would get on the nerves of wife Noor Bano, which led to heated exchanges quite often, say neighbours and the police.

Mohammad Sundarlal used to beat his wife brutally during such squabbles. With the passage of time, what had begun as oppression turned into gruesome torture, say neighbours.

Then one day, Mohammed Sunderlal divorced Noor Banu. The woman informed her parents about the breakdown of her marriage. Noor’s parents and family members came to South Bishnupur village and tried reconciliation with the parents of Sunderlal.

Six days ago, a meeting for mediation was held in the village over the dispute. It was learned at the meeting that Mohammed Sunderlal had divorced his wife Noor Bano by uttering the first of three talaqs.

Mohammad Sunderlal divorced his wife Noor Bano again at around 10 PM on Wednesday. Immediately after that, Noor Bano called her mother and told her that her father-in-law would kill her.

Noor Bano’s parents and kin rushed to the southern Bishnupur village. Only to find that their daughter’s body was lying some distance away from their village.

According to sources, on Wednesday night, husband Mohammed Sunderlal had divorced his wife Noor Bano thrice. Later that morning, her body was recovered. The parents-in-law of Noor Bano and Mohammed Sundarlal himself are absconding.


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