Tuesday 26 October 2021
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Subramanian steps down as Chief Economic Adviser


KV Subramanian has quit as the chief economic adviser (CEA), following the completion of his three-year tenure. In a statement, he said, “I have decided to return back to academia following the completion of my 3-year fulfilling tenure as the Chief Economic Adviser, Government of India.”

Prime Minister said working with Subramanian had been delightful.

In a tweet responding to Subramanian’s announcement, Prime Minister said it was “a delight to work with @SubramanianKri. His academic brilliance, unique perspectives on key economic as well as policy matters and reformist zeal are noteworthy. Wishing him the very best for his coming endeavours”.

“Have received tremendous encouragement and support from within the government and have been fortunate to enjoy a warm relationship with senior functionaries. In close to 3 decades of my professional life, I am yet to encounter a more inspiring than PM Modi,” CEA said.

Subramanian, an ISB Hyderabad professor, had taken over the charge of CEA on 7 December 2018, nearly five months after his predecessor had left the role.

In a statement, Subramanian thanked Prime Minister Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for their support and inspiring leadership. “I have decided to return back to academia following the completion of my 3-year fulfilling tenure,” he said.

It was in December 2018 that the Centre had appointed Subramanian, an ISB Hyderabad professor, as the CEA. He had succeeded Arvind Subramanian.

Acknowledging that a person (himself) who was “the first in his entire clan to step into the hallowed portals of a university” got the honour to serve the nation, Subramanian said: “India is witnessing dramatic change.” “To be at the helm during such a time of spectacular change is an incredible honour that in will cherish forever,” he said.

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