Friday 27 May 2022
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All States, UTs except J&K approve State GST Act

New Delhi: As of today, all the States and Union Territories (that have Assemblies), except the State of Jammu & Kashmir, have approved the State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) Act. The State of Kerala issued an ordinance today approving State Act while the State of West Bengal had issued an ordinance in this regard on 15 June.

Only one State, Jammu & Kashmir, is yet to pass the State Act. Thus, almost the entire country, including all the 30 States and Union Territories, is now on board and ready for the smooth roll-out of GST with effect from 1 July.

The details of the States which have passed the State Act till today are as follows

Sl. No. Name of the State Date on which SGST Act passed in the Assembly
1. Telangana Act passed on 9 April
2. Bihar Act passed on 24 April
3. Rajasthan Act passed on 26 April
4. Jharkhand Act passed on 27 April
5. Chhattisgarh Act passed on 28 April
6. Uttarakhand Act passed on 2 May
7. Madhya Pradesh Act passed on 3 May
8. Act passed on 4 May
9. Goa Act passed on 9 May
10. Gujarat Act passed on 9 May
11. Assam Act passed on 11 May
12. Arunachal Pradesh Act passed on 12 May
13. Andhra Pradesh Act passed on 16 May
14. Uttar Pradesh Act passed on 16 May (in both the Houses)
15. Puducherry Act passed on 17 May
16. Odisha Act passed on 19 May
17. Maharashtra Act passed on 22 May
18. Tripura Act passed on 25 May
19. Sikkim Act passed on 25 May
20. Mizoram Act passed on 25 May
21. Nagaland Act passed on 27 May
22. Act passed on 27 May
23. Act passed on 31 May
24. Manipur Act passed on 5 June
25. Meghalaya Act passed on 12 June
26. Karnataka Act passed on 15 June
27. West Bengal Ordinance passed on 15 June
28. Punjab Act passed on 19 June
29. Tamil Nadu Act passed on 19 June
30. Kerala Ordinance passed on 21 June




Sl. No. Name of the State
1. Jammu & Kashmir


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