Saturday 21 May 2022
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Start-up India portal and mobile app launched

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New Delhi: The Startup India portal, and mobile app have been launched by Secretary, DIPP, Ramesh Abhishek in New Delhi today.

The key features of the portal and app are the following:

  • Information availability: The portal and mobile app provide up-to- date information on various notifications/ circulars issued by various Government ministries and departments, towards creation of a conducive ecosystem for Startups. The portal and mobile app provide information regarding incubators and funding agencies recognized for the purpose of recommending start-ups (as part of start-up recognition application). A comprehensive list of FAQs is also available to help start-ups, incubators and funding agencies use the portal and mobile app more effectively.
  • Start-up India hub: The start-up India Hub, which has been established within Invest India, will be a single point of contact for the entire start-up ecosystem which would enable exchange of knowledge. The hub will work in a hub and spoke model with governments, VCs, Angel Funds, incubators, mentors, etc. It will assist start-ups through their lifecycle, on all aspects, such as providing mentorship, incubator facilities, IPR support, funding etc. The hub will be operational from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM on working days and can be reached via the toll free number: 1800115565 or the email ID:
  • Application for start-up recognition: Entities that fulfill the criteria as per the definition of “start-up” that are incorporated and registered in India, can obtain recognition as a “start-up” to avail various benefits listed in the Start-up India Action Plan. The process of recognition is simple and user friendly and involves a single page application form that a user can fill either through a web interface or through mobile app. Formats of the recommendation and support letters that need to be attached as part of the application form have been published on the portal and mobile app.
  • Real time start-up recognition: A real time recognition is provided to start-ups on completion of the application process. A digital version of the final certificate of recognition is available for download, through the portal and mobile app. A request for certificate of eligibility for tax exemptions from inter-ministerial board will be made simultaneously by selection of a simple option.
  • Verification of recognition certificate: The of recognition is verifiable through the portal and mobile app by entering the Startup Recognition/ Certificate Number.
  • Approval of Inter-Ministerial Board: DIPP has also setup an Inter-Ministerial Board to verify the eligibility of Startups opting to avail Tax and IPR related benefits and to provide a of eligibility to innovative Startups.


The “start-up India” initiative was launched by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on January 16, 2016 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi. As part of the event, a Start-up India Action Plan was released. The Action Plan highlights initiatives envisaged by the government to develop a conducive start-up ecosystem in the country.

As an integral component of the action plan, a Start-up India portal and mobile app were envisaged to be implemented. The portal and app have accordingly been released today.

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