Saturday 28 May 2022
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Stalin: In Vaidika, smoke makes bride, groom cry; mantras are disgusting

AIADMK's mouthpiece Namadhu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma, in a write up titled 'Arrogant speech', alongside a caricature of Stalin, wondered why Hindu beliefs should be derided

Chennai: A two-year-old video clip has surfaced on social media purportedly showing DMK leader MK Stalin (now president of the party) criticising Vedic ceremonies of weddings.

In the 1.28-minute video that appeared on social media last weekend, Stalin purportedly takes potshots at Vaidika, the ritualistic wedding presided over by a Brahmin priest.

The smoke from the yajna (havan in Hindi) makes not only the bride and groom “cry a little” but also those around who witness the ceremony, and thus creates a sombre ambience, Stalin is seen saying in the video.

The Sanskrit mantras cannot be comprehended by anyone including the and its “inner meaning,” is “disgusting”, Stalin says in the video clip.

Moreover, Stalin says, the bride and groom would not be comfortably seated on chairs; they have to on the floor.

AIADMK takes strong exception to comments of Stalin

The ruling AIADMK on Tuesday slammed the DMK president, accusing him of trying to divide people on religious lines. Hitting out at Stalin, without naming him, the ruling party of Tamil Nadu said he has “offended rituals, and in particular Brahmins reciting Vedas,” while taking part in a function held by a minority community.

The video clip triggered outrage on social media as well, with many users attacking the leader.

However, Stalin got some support from a few quarters for spelling out the ideology of Dravidian politics.

AIADMK’s mouthpiece Namadhu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma, in a write up titled “Arrogant speech”, alongside a caricature of Stalin, wondered why beliefs should be derided.

The ruling party said such “derision” stemmed from a “miscalculation that minority community people will vote for them and it is an attempt to divide people on religious lines”.

Quoting verses of renowned Tamil poet and fighter ‘Namakkal Kavignar’ V Ramalingam Pillai that unthoughtful barbs will only harbour hate, the AIADMK advocated vigil against it.

Munnani protests too

Munnani founder organiser Gopalan demanded that Stalin apologise for his comments, saying a political party should be for all people and respect every community.

“No one can interfere and say that only a particular kind of (weddings sans rituals) marriages should be performed,” the outfit leader said.

DMK defends Stalin

Rejecting claims that Stalin’s speech was offensive, a DMK spokesperson said that marriages without ceremonies have all along been the cornerstone of the party’s ideology.

“It is a two-year-old video clip and it has now been released, seeking to gain political mileage by right-wing supporters,” the spokesperson said and added that the video features only a portion of his speech.

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