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Ssingh planning to flee: Tweet from unverified handle


producer Sandip Ssingh, who had claimed to be a good friend of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, could be planning to fly off to London, according to a ‘family friend’ of the late actor. Today, an unverified Twitter handle carrying the name of Nilotpal Mrinal, a friend of the family of the late actor, made this claim about Sandeep, without mentioning “Ssingh”.

“Sandeep has plans to leave India and run away to this month-end. Visas and all are done,” the unverified Twitter handle claimed. “… Someone sent me this and agencies should be on alert,” the handle added.

Netizens took to Twitter to question why the CBI hadn’t interrogated Sandip Ssingh yet. Many among the Twitterati are speculating Ssingh has either already flown off to Dubai or is probably all set to fly to London.

But across the mainstream media, no one has the story beyond the claim of ‘Nilotpal Mrinal’ — that too in the form of “someone sent me this”. Who this “someone” is and who reliable that “someone” is, is not known.

Ssingh has repeatedly claimed he was one of the first persons to reach the late Sushant’s residence after hearing the news of his death. But his accounts of the day the actor was found dead in self-shot videos, interviews with hired videographers and conversations with television channels do not match.

Furthermore, recently senior advocate Vikas Singh, who represents the late actor’s family, claimed that no one from Sushant’s family knew Ssingh or had heard of him.

Meanwhile, BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy tweeted from his verified account Ssingh “should be queried as to how many times he has been to Dubai and why?” Swamy has in the recent past tweeted that a dealer from Dubai emerged out of nowhere in Mumbai the day Sushant was found dead.


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One of the panelists here, @brooks_rosa, is a Georgetown professor. She knows the way this is being described is inaccurate. Why does she go along with it? https://twitter.com/tomselliott/status/1467174053471567880

Tom Elliott@tomselliott

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Look at the first line of this tweet posted by Al Jazeera.

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