He is the most easily accessible, the most lovable, affable and genial — like a child. Thus is He Madhuram, the sweet, MadhurAdhipati, the Lord of Sweetness. He is attained by the Gopikas and the Gopas through sharanaagati or innocent surrender.

And yet it is He who is the most difficult to attain, Achyutam, the Infallible. He is not the greatest in the universe. He is verily the Universe. And beyond. He is beyond the most profound of philosophies. He makes a hero like Arjuna sweat and tremble in fear when He reveals His cosmic form. Indeed, He is beyond fear and fearlessness. He can slay His own devotee, and yet without raising a weapon, and thereby liberate Him, through a mere smile. Yes, a smile that, like Him, is merciless and merciful at the same time. That is so near that it fills the heart and, yet, remains beyond, for ever. Forever beyond our outstretched heart.

Yes, seeking Him through music and philosophy, as is my endeavour, may be futile. The very pursuit itself may be, in fact, futile. But I have already thrown myself in — my ignorant, egoistic self — with a sliver of hope in my eye that someday, centuries later, I may realise my Self, and thereby have the Self conquer the self.

The end of the path is unknown; the sole thing I know is an enduring desire: may my love for Krishna endure forever, may it never desert me, for it is this love that is both the way and the goal for my humble self.