Thursday 21 October 2021
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Spy in Bengaluru wore army uniform that attracted ISI

The spy shot videos and photos of army bases, firing ranges and movement of the Indian Army, sent them to the ISI through a Facebook friend


In a joint operation, Military and Karnataka Police arrested a spy who was working for Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) on 20 September. Suspect Jitendra Singh hails from District Barmer of Rajasthan, say police.

Singh took videos and photos of bases, firing ranges and movement of the Indian Army and sent them to ISI agents, sources said.

The suspect wore an Indian uniform while shooting pictures and videos. After sending the videos, photos and voice messages, he would delete all of them. However, the managed to retrieve all the deleted messages, sources said.

An ISI agent masquerading as “Neha” befriended Singh on seeing him in an uniform on Facebook in 2016, sources said. After chatting for years, the spy asked him to send videos, photos and other information in return for a huge sum of money.

The suspect agreed and carried out the orders. Pakistan paid him digitally from different accounts, sources said.

The Military Intelligence, after noticing the communication on Facebook between Jitendra Singh and ‘Neha’, started monitoring their accounts. The account of Neha showed the IP address of Karachi in Pakistan.

The spy had moved to Bengaluru about two months ago, where he posed as a footpath cloth merchant who sold clothes to shopkeepers in Jolly Mohalla of Cottonpet, sources said.

Military sleuths and Karnataka City Crime Branch (CCB) police apprehended the spy in a joint operation.

“He was in communication with his Pakistan-based handlers. He used to text them, make audio and video calls to them. He had shared photos and details of the vital installations and carried out reconnaissance of posts near the international border and in Bengaluru at the behest of his masters across the border,” sources said.

Joint Commissioner (Crime) Sandeep Patil confirmed the arrest. “The suspect shot photos and videos of defence establishments in the country and sent them to a foreign agency. have taken the photos and videos into custody. While searching his house, officers found a military uniform. He has misused the military uniform. More details are yet to come out from the investigation,” he said.

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