Saturday 18 September 2021
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SPG Amendment Bill, 2019: How different from 1988 law

Now, after the withdrawal of SPG security from a former prime minister, the withdrawal of SPG from his/her family members would be mandatory

On 25 November (today), Union Home Minister introduced the Special Protection Group (Amendment) Bill, 2019, in the Lok Sabha. The bill has been brought for amendment in the SPG Act, 1988. The prescribes SPG as a rule to the prime minister, former prime ministers and their very close family members.


The old states that if this security is withdrawn from a former prime minister, the SPG will not remain with the family members either, provided that the family members do not face the risk of the level for which SPG security is required.

Proposed change in SPG

Limited security for family

Under this law, the SPG provides to the prime minister and his very close family members. When the prime minister quits, his very close family members get the cover for just one year from the day he leaves his post. After one year of his removal from the post, this level of security is given to him alone, depending on the extent of the threat perception.

The Union government decides the level of security needed by the protected. The government takes this decision on two parameters: first, the subject faces a risk to his life from a military or terrorist organisation and, second, the threat is of a very serious and persistent nature.

5-year term for family

The amendment bill states that SPG security will be given to prime ministers and their family members who live in the PM’s residence with him/her.

The bill proposes further that former Prime Ministers and his/her family members living with him/her in the government accommodation allotted to them will continue to receive this kind of for five years from the day the subject leaves the prime minister’s post.

New provision

Now, this condition has been lifted. After the withdrawal of SPG security from former prime ministers, the withdrawal of this protection from their family members would be mandatory.

Shah says

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that under the amendment he has brought, SPG protection will be only for the prime minister and those living in his residence with him and former prime ministers and their families living in government-allotted houses will get this protection for a period of 5 years.

During his presentation in the Rajya Sabha, some Congress raised the issue of downgrading of protection to the Nehru-Gandhi family and accused the government of making a “vindictive effort” to harass their first family. Shah responded, saying, “‘Vindictive effort’ is not the of my party. Congress party on several occasions hurt the country by its ‘vindictive efforts’.”

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