Sunday 23 January 2022
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SP MP issues communal appeal, says UCC will deprive Muslims

Post-UCC, 'you will not be able to get married again; personal laws will end; the minority status of Muslim educational centres will end,' said SP MP ST Hasan

The BJP wants to keep the Muslims of the country as labourers according to Samajwadi Party (SP) MP ST Hasan who made the statement while speaking on the uniform civil code demanded by a large section of Hindus at a function in Moradabad during a campaign of the SP for the assembly elections of 2022 in Uttar Pradesh. “Very soon, the UCC will be a reality, the SP MP said, adding, “I want to appeal to you in this season not to get divided for the sake of Allah. Your only objective should be to defeat the BJP.”

The SP MP from Moradabad said when the UCC would apply, “the rights of Muslims will be snatched away”. Hasan said from the stage, “After this law comes, you will not be able to get married again. The Muslim Personal Law will end. The minority status of Muslim educational institutions will end.”

“After this, the right of 50% of Muslims to study in Muslim institutions will end,” the SP MP went on, “If you are divided while voting in this election, its consequences will be fatal. So, unite and defeat the BJP.”

The Moradabad SP MP is considered close to his party’s veteran leader Azam Khan. Hasan is the first-time MP from Moradabad. Earlier, he had contested elections from here unsuccessfully.

Hasan has been the mayor of the city. He often grabs local media headlines due to his provocative and misleading statements.

The SP MP from Moradabad was reacting to the statement of Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on and Mathura. Hasan said that Maurya had got “psychosis”, a mental illness. “He needs treatment,” he said.

The SP MP said, “As the elections are approaching, BJP leaders dividing Hindus and Muslims, but Hindu brothers are not going to be misled by them now.”

The SP MP accused the deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh of defaming his party’s chief Akhilesh Yadav and threatening to send people “seen in caps and lungis” to jail. “Now he is chanting the raga of Mathura,” Hasan said in reference to Maurya’s act of supporting the Hindu movement in support of removing the imposing at the Krishna Janmabhoomi, built by invaders to humiliate Hindus.

The SP MP said that the BJP was going to lose the election, and so Maurya is “panicking”. “Seeing the defeat, they are taking recourse to the Hindu-Muslim rhetoric,” Hasan asserted.

The SP MP said, “When this government brought CAA, we strongly opposed it,” and added, But if the UCC, Articles 30 and 29 will be abolished. All Muslim colleges and universities that are there will all be closed.”

The UCC is a proposal mooted by the Directive Principles of State Policy, which could not apply it as a principle to all laws due to the lack of consensus during the formative years of Indian democracy. However, the Constituent Assembly said it was desirable to ultimately include it in the statutes.

The UCC is a proposal of uniform applicability of civilian as well as criminal laws to all citizens of the country. As of now, Muslims are subjected to the IPC and CrPC when tried for alleged crimes but by the Shari’ah in the settlement of family disputes like births, deaths, marriages, inheritance, etc, which other citizens of the country find an unfair and unequal treatment of citizens by the state.

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