Monday 18 October 2021
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Sooraj, Isabelle dance moves from Time To Dance’ have captured everyone’s attention

While the melodious '' Baby Tu Na Ja'' won hearts, Sooraj and Isabelle wowed everyone in the contemporary jazz track ''Aaye Haye''


The of ‘Time to Dance’ starring and introducing Isabelle Kaif is just around the corner, with anticipation mounting for this dance entertainer.

The film that marks Stanley D’Souza’s directorial debut also introduces Latin and Ballroom dancing to Indian cinema for the first time. While the teaser of ‘Time to Dance’ caught everyone’s attention, the trailer piqued audience curiosity even further as they caught a glimpse of everything the has in store for them.

While is undoubtedly one of the finest Gen-X dancers, everyone was equally excited to see debutante Isabelle Kaif, who despite not being a formally trained dancer, matches steps with her co-star with oomph and panache.

Promising to make audiences experience dance like never before, the young stars underwent intensive training in latin and ballroom dancing and the glimpses from the trailer saw the actors exhibit both their skills and finer nuances of the dance forms to perfection.

While the melodious ” Baby Tu Na Ja” won hearts, Sooraj and Isabelle wowed everyone in the contemporary jazz track ”Aaye Haye”.

Though several dance films have been attempted successfully in India, ”Time to Dance” is an attempt to introduce audiences to formal artforms like ballroom and latin dancing all of which require focus, training and is definitely no easy feat! and Isabelle Kaif, however, rose to the challenge and the are for all to see!

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Siddharth Raghuvanshi
Editorial Assistant of Sirf News with experience in covering sports and entertainment for Navbharat Times and Network 18's IBN Lokmat

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