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Sonu Sood meets governor to discuss his work for migrants

Last week, Chef Vikas Khanna prepared a special dish and named it ‘Moga' after the town in Punjab where actor Sonu Sood was born, as a tribute to his efforts


Bollywood actor Sonu Sood met Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Saturday at Raj Bhavan to apprise him of the work he was doing to help migrants amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown. Sood had won praise after he chartered buses to ferry stranded migrants to their home towns in other states.

The applauded Sood for his work and assured him support, a Raj Bhavan statement said. “Film star @SonuSood called on at Raj Bhavan, today. Shri Sood briefed about his ongoing work to help the migrant people to reach their home states and to provide them food. Applauded his great work and assured him of his fullest support in these endeavours,” read a tweet by the governer’s Twitter account.

Earlier, the of Maharashtra had praised star Sonu Sood for extending help to stranded migrant labourers, and ensuring safe travel for them.

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Amid the ongoing due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sonu has been arranging transport for stranded migrant labourers to ensure they can go to their native places.

Sonu recently airlifted a total of 177 women stuck in Kerala’s Ernakulam amid the nationwide lockdown. As per sources, the girls had been employed in a factory in Kerala engaged in stitching and embroidery work.

After being informed by a close friend, Sood took permission from the government to have Kochi and Bhubaneswar airports opened. A special aircraft was arranged from Bengaluru to airlift 177 women from Kerala to Bhubaneswar and help them return to their families.

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Actor Sonu Sood has been arranging buses and food for stranded migrants during the nationwide lockdown. The actor, replying to a migrant walking home, tweeted once: “Paidal kyun jaoge, mere dost? Media spoke to Sonu Sood, who has reunited thousands of migrant families during these testing times by arranging safe road travel to their native places. Lakhs of migrant workers, out of jobs and money since the was imposed in March, have been walking or cycling to their home states.

“I was deeply saddened to see them walking with their little children on foot. These are the people who built our houses, our offices, they have laid the roads and I feel that we should not leave them in such distress,” Sood said while explaining the reason that drove him to take up the initiative.

“I get so many blessings and I cannot put my feelings into words. All I can say is that I will always try my best to work on the expectations that people have from me. I will continue working until the last migrant reaches his home,” says Sood.

Last week, Chef Vikas Khanna prepared a special dish and named it ‘Moga’ after the town in Punjab where actor Sonu Sood was born, as a tribute to his efforts.

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