Saturday 10 December 2022
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CrimeSonali Phogat case turns into murder probe

Sonali Phogat case turns into murder probe

has registered a murder case pertaining to the death of BJP leader Sonali Phogat. The FIR has been registered under section 302 of IPC following the complaint made by Phogat's family. Her autopsy was conducted today after her family members gave their consent. Her autopsy revealed multiple "blunt injuries".

"There are multiple blunt force injuries over the body. In view of the above, the manner of death is for the investigating officer to ascertain," the report said.

Phogat’s nephew, Moninder Phogat, said, “We have now given our consent for the autopsy.” "We have given consent to the because our lawyers and doctors suggested that after 72 hours, the body will degrade further," he said. "We have been assured that a panel of doctors will look into the procedure and it will be video-graphed as well," he said.

Sonali Phogat breathed her last on 23 August. Her sister had alleged a conspiracy as she said, "Sonali felt uneasy after eating her food". Earlier, Anjuna had registered a case of unnatural death. On 23 August, at around 9 AM, Sonali Phogat was reportedly brought to the hospital.


The family agreed to a post-mortem only after filed a murder case. The police have charged Sonali Phogat's personal assistant Sudhir Sangwan and his friend Sukhwinder Wasi, who were with her when she arrived in Goa last Monday.

"She told us something was mixed with her food. Arrest those whom we are suspecting," her brother said.

Sonali Phogat was brought to the St Anthony Hospital at Anjuna in North in the morning of 23 August.

Her brother Rinku Dhaka filed a complaint alleging that his sister was raped and murdered by Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder. He claimed she was being blackmailed with an explicit video.

Rinku said in his complaint that Sonali Phogat, a BJP leader from Haryana's Hisar, had spoken to her mother, sister and brother-in-law a few hours before her death. She had allegedly complained against her assistant and had decided to file cases against them. Rinku alleged that Sonali Phogat was drugged and raped by her assistant. "We are sure that our sister was raped and murdered," he said.

Sonali Phogat's 15-year-old daughter Yashodhara sought justice for her mother.

Sonali Phogat, who rose to fame with her TikTok videos, contested the 2019 Haryana election as a BJP candidate but lost to then Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi (he has since joined the BJP). She also appeared in the reality show 'Bigg Boss' in 2020.

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