Saturday 10 December 2022
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CrimeSonali Phogat: Broke behind façade of opulence

Sonali Phogat: Broke behind façade of opulence

In a new angle of looking at the alleged murder of TikTok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat, her driver has claimed that none of the expensive vehicles she used to in was registered in her name. The driver alleged that the star's personal assistant Sudhir Sangwan had sold some of these cars and had transferred the rest in his name.

Sonali Phogat's driver Umed Singh has made these allegations in a conversation with a television news channel. He claimed that Sonali Phogat did not have enough money even to pay her daughter's school fees.

Sonali Phogat seemed to have had four vehicles, the documents of which don't bear her name. She was not the owner of these vehicles. One of her cars was in the name of Sudhir Sangwan while three others were owned by someone else.

'Sudhir Sangwan sold Sonali Phogat's Scorpio for Rs 8 lakh'

According to the driver, he had driven the star's Scorpio and Skoda cars. Sudhir Sangwan had told Umed Singh that there was also a Mercedes car, which had met with an accident and was parked at an agency in Delhi.

The driver made a sensational allegation that Sudhir Sangwan had sold Sonali Sangwan's Scorpio for Rs 8 lakh. After this, a safari worth Rs 3.50 lakh was bought from Delhi.

'Mercedes car had a loan of 10-13 lakhs'

The driver told the that he later came to know that the Mercedes car had been hypothecated against a loan of Rs 10-13 lakh. Sudhir Sangwan would hide that car often because the finance company used to follow up with Sonali Phogat to get their dues.

'Sonali Phogat had a call from school'

Singh alleged that all the money used to be routed to Sudhir Sangwan's account while the star's bank account would mostly have inadequate balance.

The driver said that one day he was when Sonali Phogat got a call from the school. The school management said that a cheque she had issued for settling the pending fees had bounced.

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