Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Son-Rise In ‘Modified’ India?

How dare Maneka Gandhi promote her son under a prime minister who never favoured his family in public life!

IQThe headline “” can be one of the most insulting descriptions of a minister in the Modi era. shunned his family for politics. There is not one instance where he has favoured his family member. And here is a minister who is openly batting for her son Varun Gandhi!

May be the mother-son or father-son relation is different from the son-mother or brother-brother relation. Or maybe it is in the Gandhi ‘gene’ that ruling is their birthright and the must be foisted from the top. That rights of many party workers are trampled by such elevation does not concern them. So they can be honest about their rights!

Earlier, the mother promoted the son by getting his poems released by senior BJP leaders. How can a poet be venomous? Later he was given party ticket when he became eligible to contest. He had joined the party in 2004 when he was merely 24. In his first electoral foray in 2009 he showed his ‘genius’ when he spit venom in the campaign by raking up issues of Hindu- divide.

Varun was given all the powers to project himself as a leader. But he slipped when he launched the hate campaign to win his Lok Sabha seat from Pilibhit in 2009. His mother had won from Aonla. But the fact remains that mother-son duo got 2 seats from the BJP. In 2014, the son shifted to Sultanpur and the mother to Pilibhit. This proves that the party has been accommodating them by heeding to their demands merely because they carry the Gandhi surname.

Beyond that, what? In 2013, then BJP president Rajnath Singh made him general secretary — an elevation few get in the party. Singh had described him as the party’s face in while justifying his decision to make him the general secretary. Did Varun do anything substantial after that to justify his elevation? You have to be self-driven in politics. Varun is too high-nosed to understand the cadre, interact with them and formulate his strategy.

This is not the first time Maneka has spoken of Varun as a person who could give leadership in the State. Now that the yogi — Yogi Adityanath — has failed at the by-elections, the mother wants to get his son in the saddle. Good move but bad timing! In a cadre-based party, things don’t happen like this. Has the love for the son blinded Maneka?

Maneka Gandhi must, however, be complimented for being open about her love. Other party leaders have ensured that their wards stealthily get a higher entry into the party due to their familial links. Now that Moditva is in full swing, it is time the party corrected the anomaly and set things right.

As for Varun, show some maturity! Go to the people and organise them for a cause. Fight for their rights. You don’t need to be an office bearer to lead. The Gandhi surname is loud enough for any initiative. Adopt the mantra and let the demand for your elevation come from the rank and file.

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Sudesh Verma
Sudesh Verma
Member of the BJP's national media team, senior journalist and founder of Debating India Foundation


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