Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Son, after turning Christian, refuses to cremate Hindu mother

They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother: The Bible, Luke 12:53

In yet another proof of how the Christian conversion drive has been creating a rift between Hindu families, a man after converting to Christianity refused to cremate his Hindu mother. Dharam Pratap Singh, who became David on conversion, wanted to bury his mother Saroj Devi. The refused to cremate her as per Hindu customs, but his mother had not accepted Christianity.

According to available information, Saroj Devi’s granddaughter Shweta Suman travelled 1,100 km from Jharkhand and took custody of the mortal remains of her grandmother on 3 June. When her maternal uncle refused to perform the last rites, Suman took it upon herself to perform the cremation herself and conducted the cremation according to Hindu customs on 4 June at Gwalior’s Lakshmiganj Muktidham.

The son, a resident of City Centre, had embraced Christianity and when his mother died on 2 June, he attempted to bury her as per Christian customs. However, Shweta Suman opposed this and said that since her grandmother had remained a Hindu till her last breath refusing to become a Christian, her grandmother should be cremated.

She put forward a plea with the collector in this regard and sought the help of the Hindu Jagran Manch. Suman alleged that her uncle had been pressuring her grandmother to convert to Christianity. She said further that her uncle David wouldn’t allow them to communicate with Saroj Devi.

Suman requested the SP (Superintendent of Police) to conduct an inquiry into her grandmother’s death and her uncle’s attempts to pressure her to become a Christian. SP Amit Sanghi has stated that they have received Suman’s complaint and are investigating the same. Additional SP Hitika Vasal has been asked to investigate the matter.

A similar case was reported from Palghar district’s Wada in November last year where two brothers fought over the cremation rites of their mother due to the seed of divisiveness sown by the Christian conversion mafia.

Earlier, a tribal woman named Fulia Dhabade belonging to Village Avandhe in Palghar had died, leaving behind her husband Mahadu and two sons Sudam and Subhash.

Fulia, Mahadu, and Sudam had converted to Christianity while Subhash continued to be Hindu. When Fulia died on 18 November, Mahadu and Sudam wanted to bury her, but Subhash and the villagers were opposed to the move.

Police in Wada had to step in to mediate between the two. When officer Sudhir Sankhe visited the village to solve the dispute, Mahadu said that since his wife had converted to Christianity, she followed the Christian faith and wished to be buried. Subhash, however, countered saying that it was his father Mahadu and younger brother Sudam who forced his mother to follow Christianity.

Bible justifies it

They will be divided, father against and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law, says the Bible [Luke 12:53].

It is, therefore, not surprising that Christian evangelicals brainwash converts such as Dharam, Mahadu, Sudam, and others by stating that their Hindu family members are “devil worshippers” and would be “going to hell”. Such is the level of brainwashing that these converts readily comply with the demands of the evangelicals. There is an urgent need to rein in the Christian conversion mafia.

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[…] Suman opposed her uncle’s demands and asserted that Saroj Dev should be cremated since her grandmother remained […]


[…] Suman opposed her uncle’s demands and asserted that Saroj Dev should be cremated since her grandmother […]


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