Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Somaiya detained; BJP slams Thackeray govt

Kirit Somaiya had levelled allegations of money laundering against Maharashtra Cabinet Ministers Chhagan Bhujbal and Anil Parab


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has slammed the MVA government in Maharashtra for the detention of party Kirit Somaiya in Mumbai. BJP’s state unit chief Chandrakant Patil asked why cops are deployed outside Kirit’s residence and wondered if “he is a terrorist”.

“Around 100 policemen are deployed outside the residence of former MP Kirit Somaiya. Is Kirit Somaiya a terrorist? Terrorists who intend to organise blasts in Mumbai are and some of them are roaming free as well. But when Kirit Somaiya is exposing scams related to corrupted ministers, he is being stopped,” he said.

“He is being informed that he will be detained at Kolhapur guest house. Is democracy over? On what basis he is going to be detained by them? The entire is behind Kirit Somaiya. We will not step back. we will not be scared,” Patil said.

Earlier today, Somaiya was detained at Karad Railway Station in the Satara district. Somaiya was expected to visit Kohlapur today. He was en route to the via train. Ahead of his visit, Kolhapur District Collector had issued prohibitory orders against him and imposed Section 144, prohibiting gatherings on September 20 and 21.

The BJP on 19 September had alleged that he was detained at his residence in Mumbai.

Speaking to reporters, he had lashed out at the Maharashtra government and asked who gave the orders of restricting him from going out of Mumbai.

“Thackeray government said you cannot go out of Mumbai. Who gave this order?” asked Somaiya when he was en route to Kolhapur.

He was scheduled to visit the properties owned by Maharashtra Minister Hasan Mushrif in which he claims corruption has taken place.

Somaiya tweeted yesterday: “Thackeray Sarkar Dadagiri, Notice is for Kolhapur NO ENTRY, but not allowing Me to move out from My House. Not allowing to go for Ganesh Visarjan. Mulund Police wants to ARREST Me, but No Warrant, No Order…it’s total illegal.”

Earlier, Somaiya had levelled allegations of money laundering against Maharashtra Ministers Chhagan Bhujbal and Anil Parab. 

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