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Instagram chat group of Delhi teens glorifying gang rape busted

Social media platfrm like Instagram accounts yesterday posted stories with chats from a group titled “bois locker room

A Twitter user has shared some petrifying details of an Instagram chat group comprising of boys that discuss ‘gang-raping girls’.

Screenshots shared by a South Delhi girl that has become viral now exposes the horrendous details of a group called “Bois Locker Room”. The group is said to be on Instagram and Snapchat.

The participants of the said group have been accused by the girl of “morphing pictures of girls their age”, and that she and her friends are “freaking out” because of it.

Several Instagram accounts yesterday posted stories with chats from a group titled “bois locker room.”

The stories took twitter by storm and many men and women started condemning and expressing anger over the act.

The women who shared and reposted the stories have allegedly received rape threats.

The list of the participants of the group was also shared widely. Many of the listed IG handles have gone unavailable since the group was busted.

Soon, the news spread on Twitter, too, and #boyslockerroom began trending. A few users even claimed to have gone to school with some of the chat group’s members.

The cops are reportedly investigating the matter. According to information circulating on Instagram and Twitter, Shubham Singh, whose IG bio says he is a cyber investigator and advisor to government agencies has also started looking into the matter. 

Apparently, he has traced down a few of the boys and will be reporting them accordingly.

But the so-called guilty part didn’t stop there apparently, and followed the mess up with another round. In other leaked screenshots of their chats, they were reportedly discussing taking revenge against the women who exposed them by posting their nudes online.

The boys are said to be under 18 and many were school going. The girls whose picture the boys shared were as young as 14.

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