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Super blue blood moon in the sky after 150 years


Nainital: Sky gazers and photo enthusiasts are making a beeline for the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences perched at an altitude of 2,450 metres here to witness the lunar delight on 31 January a blue moon, blood moon and a supermoon.

31 January will witness the first total of 2018. Such an important astronomical is taking place after 150 years.

The celestial will be seen from many countries including India, Russia, Australia, China, and Thailand.

Institute Dr. Anil Pandey said, On the 31st, the moon will be in the closed orbit of the earth. During this phase, the size of the moon appears nearly 7% larger and its brightness is also higher.

The skies of Nainital will have the clearest and brilliant view of the eclipse. Not only is the atmosphere smog-free but after the recent snowfall, the skies have become clearer offering an uninterrupted view.

Space observers and photo enthusiasts are equally excited about the event.

On Wednesday night there will be a full moon, which is the second full moon in the same month. Such an is known as the blue moon.

As the eclipse will occur at sunset, this will cause the moon to appear reddish. Such a moon is known as the blood moon.

The moon will also be closer to the earth on the day than usual as it is in a shorter orbit. Moon during this phase is known as supermoon.

Thus after a gap of 150 years, blue moon, blood moon, and supermoon are set to occur at the same time. This will be worth a watch!

In Delhi, the eclipse will begin at 5.53 PM. It will last for a total of 3 hours, 45 minutes during which there will be a total eclipse of one minute 32 seconds starting at 6.59 PM.

The eclipse will end at 9.38 PM. The observatory is one of the best equipped and best-placed observatories in Asia.


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