Monday 23 May 2022
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Sitharaman on The Kashmir Files: ‘In front of their husbands, wives were… I can’t even utter this’

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman nearly choked while recounting the atrocities perpetrated by Kashmiri Muslims and terrorists on the indigenous Hindus in the 1990s

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Following the endorsement of by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Finance Minister highlighted the unreported plight of the Hindus of Kashmir aka Pandits in the Lok Sabha last afternoon. While presenting the budget for Jammu and Kashmir, she stated that the abrogation of Article 370 had led to an increase in pace of development projects.

Mentioning the film , Sitharaman told the parliament, “I want to say a bitter truth about Kashmir Files. People were brutally killed and forced to leave their own homes. In front of their husbands, wives were… I can’t even utter this. People were threatened, ‘You will convert or else you will not be alive.’ This happened in Kashmir in 1990 but the truth never came out. There was a constant denial. Even today, the denial is happening.”

“The tweets of denial were made yesterday by the official Twitter handle of Congress. They even claimed that the Kashmiri Hindus left the with their own will. Congress claims that it was not a terrorist act but the Hindus fleed the valley and migrated to Delhi to take benefit of some government schemes, jobs, and reservations. They claim that it is a fight between the people of the nation and the separatists. During that time, National Congress Party was ruling in J&K. Chief minister of J&K, Farooq Abdullah, left Hindu people in their misery and flew abroad. People were killed, raped and forced to leave their homes and Congress is still denying it. They still call it a fight against separatists. If this is true, I want to ask them today, a separatist of J&K (Yasin Malik), who killed the officers of Indian Airforce in front of their families, was invited by the ex-Prime Minister (Dr Manmohan Singh) and they shook hands. If the nation is fighting against separatists, why was an enemy called and shook hands with Prime Minister.”

Exposing Indian National Congress (INC), concluded, “This separatist goes to a global TV channel and admits that he killed Indian Airforce officers and our Prime Minister shook hands with him?”

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