Monday 27 June 2022
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Sister of Sameer Wankhede to take legal action against Nawab Malik

The NCB officer's sister Yasmeen Wankhede says that the WhatsApp chats NCP leader Nawab Malik showed were doctored maliciously for defamation

Hours after Maharashtra Minister and NCP politician Nawab Malik addressed a press conference, releasing screenshots of alleged WhatsApp chats between a “drug peddler” and Sameer Wankhede’s sister Yasmeen on Twitter, she has hit back and said she will initiate legal proceedings against him.

Yasmeen Wankhede, sister of Narcotics Control Bureau’s Mumbai zone Director Sameer Wankhede, said on 2 November, “I am going to write to Maharashtra NCB. I will ask the government to look into my complaint. Once the courts open, we will proceed with legal action as well. I have already given a complaint to the police. My image has been tarnished.”

The officer’s sister said, “I have been called a lady don. Allegations have been levelled against me. I am waiting for some action from the police. Else, I am also a lawyer and will fight for my liberty at all costs.”

Yasmeen Wankhede, denying the allegations of Malik, said she would take action against him for his allegation of extortion and for accusing her of being a part of a ‘gang’ led by Sameer Wankhede.

Earlier today, Nawab Malik had tweeted screenshots of WhatsApp chats that he claimed were between Yasmeen Wankhede and a drug peddler.

In the screenshot, a message requesting the address of the NCB officer’s sister can be seen. In the response to the message appears a photo of Yasmeen Wankhede’s business card with a location pin. “Question arises, is this morally, ethically and legally right?” Malik asked.

Reacting to the charge, Yasmeen Wankhede said, “A lot of sentences have been deleted from the WhatsApp chats that are being circulated by Nawab Malik. Who’s giving Nawab Malik these chats? This is a big conspiracy. Am I asking for some money in the chats or anything? This is all bogus.”

Wankhede’s sister said that a person in need had sent her a message for help and as a lawyer and social worker she had replied.

According to her, one of the messages that had been deleted from the screenshot said, “Madam, please help me. A known person to me needs help. His wife is pregnant. She has a two-year-old (baby) and they need legal help.”

She said, “I am a lawyer and a social worker. Some seven-eight odd people had come to my office with a plan to trap us but I asked them to get out. A soon as I got to know it’s an NDPS case, I acted at once. I don’t take NDPS cases.”

On the allegations of extortion against her brother Sameer Wankhede, Yasmeen said that her brother has been wrongly accused.

“For the last 15 years, Sameer Wankhede has honestly served the nation. This is a wrong message that’s going out to youngsters. Can an officer work honestly now after seeing what Nawab Malik is doing?”

On the claim that Sameer Wankhede wears branded clothes, she said, “Sameer is an honest tax-payer. He purchases clothes once in two years. The watch was gifted by my mother. This charge is baseless.”

NCP’s Nawab Malik has been levelling allegations against NCB’s Sameer Wankhede since the investigation into the high-profile Mumbai cruise drugs case began.

The NCB is examining the extortion charges against Sameer Wankhede. The department had initiated the inquiry after an independent witness in the case, Prabhakar Sail, submitted an affidavit stating that somebody had demanded Rs 25 crore on behalf of Sameer Wankhede for the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan.

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