Monday 23 May 2022
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Sirf News pays homage to a departed friend

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The news of Prasanna Veeraraghavan’s sudden, untimely demise has left us shocked and saddened. Prasanna was an avid participant in online discussions, and known to the editors of SirfNews for many years. A miner by profession and a resident of Chennai, Prasanna suffered a cardiac arrest on the night of 12 June.

I knew him as a like-minded person, albeit with a soft corner for the and J Jayalalithaa. What I’ll miss the most from the life abruptly cut short is his benign way of dealing with disagreements with friends, including the long-distance ones, a virtue not many in the right wing camp have these days. When I criticised his favourite party, or when I took exception to a Vaishnavite guru he looked up to with reverence, it did not anger him. He was pained rather. His comments would implicitly say on all such occasions, “Why be so harsh, Surajit? There is a more accommodating way of looking at it.”

We never met in real life, but our online interactions forged a unique friendship between us. I find it difficult to recall an instance when I made a request to him and he turned it down.

May the gentle soul that left the body travel to greater destinations of peace and fulfilment.

वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय नवानि गृह्णाति नरोऽपराणि ।
तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णान्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही ।।
नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः।
न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः।। – Surajit Dasgupta, founder SirfNews

 PR Rajeswari  had this to say:

We are familiar with writing eulogies and messages on social media. Who would have thought that someday we’ll be penning obituary note for someone whom we had known for years. I still can’t fathom that Prasanna is no more. Apart from a like-minded person, I knew him as a fellow-moderator in Indian Politics Community on Orkut and Youth 4 Democracy on Facebook. His soft corner towards which was evident during the Orkut days diminished eventually. Despite being tilted towards Right of Centre, he has maintained civility throughout the debates and the ideology never came in between while invoking the responsibility as moderator. Prasanna was a highly articulate and judicious gentleman who had a deep understanding of political issues, economics, sports and was active in various forums on social networking sites. A great admirer of AR Rahman’s music and was very vocal in supporting ARR’s composition over Ilayaraja. On many occasions, he condemned the pretentious actions displayed by gurus. No matter how much friends we continue to add with passage of time on Social Media, the earliest memories and experience of networking sites will persist in in our thoughts. May Prasanna attain the lotus feet of Narayana.


Prasanna was too young to die a natural death. We at SirfNews offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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