Thursday 9 December 2021
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Amitabh Sinha warns of criminal proceedings against Akali Dal leaders

New (HS): A day after the Shiromani Akali Dal said it would raise the issue of renaming of Delhi University’s Dyal Singh (Evening) College as Mahavidyalaya in the next session of Parliament, chairman of the governing body of Vandemataram Mahavidyalaya and Dyal Singh College, Amitabh Sinha, here on Sunday warned he would file a criminal case against its leaders for hurting the sentiments of Hindu- brotherhood by misusing and forging documents. He said he would file a case against the Akalis under such provisions of law that deal with non-bailable offences: Sections 466 and 474 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
When asked about his future course of action on the renaming row, Sinha, also a senior advocate, Supreme Court, reiterated what he had said at a press conference two days ago. “No college has been renamed. The evening college is a separate, new college that required a new name. It’s a naming exercise, not a renaming exercise,” Sinha asserted.
He said, “The documents they are talking about is not available in university record. They must submit the original documents or deposit it with the college administration by 5 PM on 28 November (Tuesday). Otherwise, a case will be filed against them under Section s 466 and 474 of IPC for forging the documents and intending to use the same as genuine for creating disharmony among Hindus and Sikhs. It is a non-bailable offence, which invites imprisonment of up to 7 years.” He said those who wish to divide Hindus and Sikhs had been communicated directly as well as through various channels that they must furnish the relevant documents, but they failed to do so. “Now, today I serve them the ultimatum,” Sinha thundered.
Sinha is upset about the conduct of a section of the governing body who are spreading the misinformation without cross-examining their claims with the original documents. He added, “I am disgusted and fed up with the entire controversy as it is not only malicious and mischievous but also a dangerous and notorious design to drive a wedge in Hindu- unity worldwide. They are misquoting and misrepresenting everything from the documents. They are claiming things not available in the university record. And that’s very dangerous.”
Sinha says that Dyal Singh College is a secular college as per its preamble. “The unfortunate protests are also hurting the soul of the Late Dyal Singh Majithia ji, who was born in a family, but who later embraced the Brahmo Samaj. The Dyal Singh Trust established this college as a secular college,” Sinha said.
Recalling the scenario of the late 1980s, Sinha said that it is a dangerous design and an attempt to divide Hindus and Sikhs. The detractors have nothing but an anti-national agenda. Sinha said, “Not only me but all Hindus consider Sikhs elder brothers as Guru Gobind Singh ji had appealed to Hindus to dedicate their elder sons to him to protect the faith. I have immense respect for Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Teg Bahadur ji, Guru Gobind Singh ji and I believe the nation shall forever remain indebted to all the gurus for their teachings, sacrifice as well as fight to preserve the culture and civilisation of our beloved nation.”
Earlier, Sinha had invited the former deputy chief minister of Punjab Sukhbir Badal for a discussion or debate to clear the air over the naming exercise.
It may be noted that, before Dyal Singh College, two evening colleges under the Delhi University ― Deshbandhu College and Ram Lal Anand College ― were renamed as Ramanujan College and Aryabhatta College respectively, but there was no controversy over those exercises.
Sinha explained that separate and sufficient resources had been allocated to both Dyal Singh College and College. He said it was a mischievous campaign to incite our dear brethren that a college named after a Sikh social reformer was being renamed. “The Dyal Singh College remains Dyal Singh College,” he said, adding, “What has been named Mahavidyalaya is a separate, new college.”
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