Thursday 26 May 2022
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Simmba has a lot of all genres, says Ranveer Singh

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New Delhi: In his eight-year-old career, Ranveer Singh has played a lazy lad-turned- planner, a charming thief, a Gujarati Romeo, a Maratha warrior and most recently a vile Sultan.


The actor, who is awaiting the release of his next, Simmba, says the idea of working in the directorial got all his “adrenaline” pumped up, something he thrives on.

After the mega success of Padmaavat, Ranveer is geared up to play a Mumbai cop Sangram Simmba Bhalerao in his last offering for 2018.

“‘Simmba is the type of film I loved as a kid. The masala film is something that attracted me to become an actor in the first place. Getting a chance to work with who is the king of masala movies is a huge deal for me. I find it very challenging. You have to perform so many things – there is a comedy, action, drama- everything together…

“This movie has a lot of all genres. The adrenaline is what I live for and hence shooting for this was a blast,” the actor said.

The 33-year-old actor says he tried his best to get into the skin of the character but felt a bit nervous about working with Rohit.

“It was a blast working with Rohit and the rest of the cast. I did feel a slight pressure to deliver but that was just me wanting to ace my first film as a masala hero with Rohit,” he says.

For the actor, who still runs like a free spirit in terms of being labelled as a “type” of the performer, Ranveer finds comedy the toughest cookie to crack.

“It’s always been a conscious choice for me to be a versatile actor. Growing up, I used to always admire actors who had that chameleon quality and who could transform themselves into anyone and any kind of genre. Those are the type of actors I aspire to be and hence I always ensure all roles that I choose are starkly different from each other,” he says.

“Comedy is the hardest as you need to nail it with every dialogue delivery. I don’t have any expectations for December but I’m just enjoying the process. It’s very enriching and I’m trying to absorb all of it. It’s exciting to see the audience anticipation though,” he adds.

Also starring debutante Sara Ali Khan, Simmba is set to open on 28 December.

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