Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Simbhaoli scam: CBI questions Amarinder’s son-in-law Gurpal Singh

Simbhaoli Sugars Limited is one of the largest sugar mills in the country

New Delhi: The CBI today questioned Gurpal Singh, son-in-law of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, in connection with the alleged bank fraud case of Rs 97.85 crore by Simbhaoli Sugars Limited.

The CBI had registered a case against the sugar mill, its Chairman Gurmit Singh Mann, Deputy Managing Gurpal Singh and others in connection with the alleged bank loan fraud case.

Simbhaoli Sugars Limited is one of the largest sugar mills in the country.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer GSC Rao, CFO Sanjay Tapriya, Executive Gursimran Kaur Mann and five non-executive directors have also been booked by the agency.

The CBI had carried out searches at eight premises including residences of the directors, factory, corporate office and registered office of the company in Delhi, Hapur and Noida.

The probe focuses on two loans — Rs 97.85 crore which was declared fraud in 2015 and another corporate loan of Rs 110 crore which was used to repay the previous loan.

The second loan was declared Non-Performing Asset (NPA) on 29 November 2016, nearly 20 days after scrapping of Rs 1,000 and old Rs 500 notes was announced, according to the CBI FIR.

The bank was allegedly cheated to the tune of Rs 97.85 crore, but the loss incurred by the bank is Rs 109.08 crore, the FIR read.

The lender, Oriental Bank of Commerce, complained to the CBI on 17 November 2017, but the agency registered a case of conspiracy and cheating under the Prevention of Corruption Act on 22 February.

According to the FIR, OBC sanctioned a loan of Rs 148.60 crore to the company in 2011.

The loan was sanctioned for financing 5,762 sugarcane farmers based on a tie-up agreement under an RBI scheme for supplying sugar produce to the company from 25 January 2012 to 13 March 2012.

The loan money was “dishonestly and fraudulently diverted by the company for its own needs”, the CBI alleged.

According to a memorandum of understanding, out of the price to be paid by Simbhaoli Sugars Limited to the farmers, loan liabilities were to be adjusted and the remaining amount was to be paid by the company to the growers, according to the FIR.

The account turned NPA on 31 March 2015 and was declared alleged fraud by the bank to RBI on 13 May 2015 for an amount of Rs 97.85 crore.

OBC alleged that in addition to the existing NPA, the bank, under multiple banking arrangements, sanctioned another corporate loan of Rs 110 crore to the company on 28 January 2015 to pay its outstanding loan of Rs 97.85 crore.

The bank adjusted the total of Rs 112.94 crore towards the company through deposit of the new corporate loan.

“The corporate loan, too, turned NPA on 29 November 2016,” the CBI said.


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