Monday 23 May 2022
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Sikh policeman in Pakistan goes missing

In 2018, Sikh cop Gulab Singh Shaheen, along with his family, had been evicted from his house, after which the authority in Pakistan removed him from traffic police service

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The first Sikh policeman of Pakistan, a traffic warden, Gulab Singh Shaheen has been reportedly missing under mysterious circumstances. In India, SGPC president Harjinder Singh Dhami said, citing some reports, that an agency could be involved in the vanishing act.

“His disappearance to an undisclosed location is a matter of fear among Sikhs in Pakistan. The Pakistan Government should immediately clarify about his whereabouts, if this news is true,” the SGPC head said.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Manjinder Singh Sirsa has expressed concern over the reported disappearance of Pakistan’s first Sikh police officer too. Sirsa shared a Pakistani news website’s article carrying the news of Shaheen. Sharing the concern of the SGPC chief, Sirsa said that the Pakistani was speculating that the Islamic republic’s agencies had abducted the Sikh policeman.

Sirsa appealed to the Indian embassy in Pakistan to take cognisance of the matter. “Pak speculates that first Sikh Police officer of Pak Gulab Singh Shaheen is allegedly abducted by Pak agencies & taken to some undisclosed place,” Sirsa tweeted.

The BJP leader said that he was concerned over the Sikh officer’s safety. “We are concerned about his safety and family. Urging @IndiainPakistan to address this issue at earliest,” he said.

Meanwhile, the SGPC, while condemning the incident, called it an act of repression against minorities in Pakistan.

Earlier, Gulab Singh, along with his wife and three children, had been forcibly evicted from his house in 2018. Shaheen had later posted a video online, alleging that he was forcibly evicted from his house following a property dispute with the government.

The Sikh cop was terminated from service in the traffic police. Furthermore, Shaheen had raised his voice against senior officers in the Pakistan police service for their “vendetta”.

Last month in Pakistan, the series of violence against minorities continues with impunity, with an 18-year-old Hindu girl reportedly shot dead in the Sindh province on 21 March. Pakistani had claimed that the girl was shot dead during a failed abduction attempt.

Following the incident, Sirsa had come forward in India to say that such incidents were common in Pakistan. He alleged that lawlessness prevailed in that country. “Every day, there are at least two such cases (violence against the in Pakistan) and only a few of them are reported. Others are not reported,” Sirsa had said on television.

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