Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Sidhu Moosewala fan was killers’ informant

Sandeep alias Kekra had been loitering around the house of Sidhu Moosewala, claiming to be a fan and longing for a selfie with the Punjabi singer

The hitherto unidentified youth who had identified himself as a fan of while he was loitering around near the compound of the Punjabi singer’s house has turned out to be a part of the gang of killers. Sources in the police say he could be the killer’s or killers’ informant.

Meanwhile, the eight sharp-shooters have been identified too. They hailed from Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra, police sources said.

On the trail of the killers, Police today arrested that youth, Sandeep alias Kekra, who allegedly provided real-time information to the eight sharp-shooters on the singer’s movement.

The sources said Kekra’s ‘confessions’ pointed to the possibility of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang’s involvement in the murder. Kekra is a trusted aide of Sachin Bishnoi, who is a nephew of Lawrence Bishnoi. Sachin had claimed to have got bumped off to avenge leader Vicky Middukhera’s in May last year. This was after Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar, in a social media post, claimed to be responsible for the crime. Brar and Bishnoi are associates.

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Police officials said Kekra had provided clues that pointed to the involvement of not only Lawrence Bishnoi but also his brother Anmol and nephew Sachin.

Kekra kept a watch on ’s house. He mingled with the fans and took a selfie with the singer a day before the latter was done to death.

“The killers approached for a selfie. Just as he stopped to oblige them, they surrounded his car and opened fire,” said an official.

Another suspect in the case is a native of Takhatmal village, Sirsa. Meanwhile, the Moga police took into custody Davinder alias Kala, who was nabbed in Fatehabad. Two suspects in the killing were allegedly sheltered by Kala.

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