Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Shootout at Rohini court: Gogi killers partied before shootout

Last December Tyagi and his accomplices had killed a Bharat Solanki alias Yuvin, a close associate of Gogi, in another shootout in Rohini Sector 24


A day after two armed men posing as lawyers killed gangster Jitender Maan alias Gogi inside the Rohini district court before being gunned down by personnel, the Special Cell has two men and recovered a car used to drop the assailants to court. One of the arrested men is a close associate of Sunil alias Tillu Tajpuriya, Gogi’s longtime rival. Investigation has revealed that the murder plot through a shootout was allegedly hatched by Tillu from inside Mandoli jail.

said the men have been identified as Umang (22) and Vinay Mota (19). “They were nabbed by a team of the New Delhi Range of Special Cell. During investigation, we found that one Naresh Kumar alias Sonu, a sharpshooter from Tillu’s gang, roped in his friend Umang to work for them,” a senior officer said.

During questioning, Umang told that the courtroom shootout perpetrators Rahul Tyagi and Jagdeep Jagga reached his home in Northwest Delhi’s Haiderpur on 20 September.

“Vinay took them to a nearby market where they bought white shirts, black trousers, shoes and black coats to impersonate lawyers. They stayed in his house and had a party on 22 September. They gave Tyagi and Jagga two pistols .38 bore and .30 bore,” the officer said.

“At 10:20 AM on Friday, Umang, Vinay and another associate reached Rohini court along with the attackers in a Hyundai i10. They dropped the duo and went to park their car. They then went inside to show Tyagi and Jagga courtroom number 207, where Gogi was supposed to appear for the hearing, and left,” an officer said.

Incidentally, just half an hour before shootout, Tillu’s lieutenant Sunil Maan had been produced in the same courtroom in connection with an attempt to murder case in which Gogi was an accused too.

“Around 1:15 PM, Gogi was produced in the courtroom. The two assailants, posing as lawyers, were sitting close to some personnel. Within seconds, they opened at Gogi from close range. He received five-six bullet injuries; they fired eight-ten rounds,” said a officer who was present in the courtroom at the time. The attackers were shot dead by the Counter Intelligence team accompanying Gogi.

“During investigation, we found that Tyagi was carrying a phone without a SIM card, which was damaged after it was hit by a bullet. We also found Rs 210 in his pocket,” the officer said.

According to police, Gogi and Tillu had been running extortion rackets in Alipur and Sonipat for years, and the constant strife between the two gangs often ended in bloodshed.

Last December, said, Tyagi and four of his associates had killed one Bharat Solanki alias Yuvin, a close associate of Gogi, in Rohini Sector 24. Jagga, too, was involved in a murder case in Sonipat.

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