Friday 27 January 2023
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EntertainmentShekhar reacts to Sushant’s death: It is their karma, not yours

Shekhar reacts to Sushant’s death: It is their karma, not yours

Shekhar and Sushant were supposed to collaborate on the ambitious film, Paani, which got shelved in 2015 after Yash Raj Films backed out as the producers

Shekhar Kapur, who had signed for his ambitious directorial venture Paani, mourned his untimely death. In a new tweet, the filmmaker said that the actor was in ‘pain’ and would ‘weep on (his) shoulder’ because of being let down by certain people.

“I knew the pain you were going through. I knew the story of the people that let you down so bad that you would weep on my shoulder. I wish Iwas around the last 6 months. I wish you had reached out to me. What happened to you was their Karma. Not yours. #SushantSinghRajput,” he wrote on Twitter.

Although Kapur did not name any individuals, many began to Karan Johar for allegedly running a ‘ gang,’ which may have played a role in Sushant’s death.

Sushant was found dead at his Mumbai home on Sunday afternoon. The police said that it was a case of death by suicide. His family arrived in Mumbai from Patna on Sunday night for his last rites.

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On Sunday, Shekhar remembered Sushant in a heartfelt tweet and called him ‘an old wise soul in a restless young body’. He wrote on Twitter, “Dear Sushant, there was so much more you had to offer. Perhaps the world was not up to your beliefs.. you should not have gone like this …but then you were an old wise soul in a restless young body. Often the heavens cannot handle that ..”

Shekhar and Sushant were supposed to collaborate on the ambitious film, Paani, which got shelved in 2015 after Yash Raj Films backed out as the producers. In a tweet in 2016, the filmmaker had written, “Am as devastated as u that Paani did not get made @itsSSR but I’ve never met an actor that worked so hard in preparing for a part as you did.”

Taking to social media, Kangana’s team shared a video in which she is seen revealing why it is important to give an artist the due credit for their work. Kangana is seen mourning Sushant’s demise as she questions that the actor was not given credit for his good films like MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Kedarnath, Chhichhore. Not just this, Kangana went ahead and questioned why Gully Boy was given all the awards and Sushant’s films were not acknowledged by the award ceremonies.

Kangana’s team shared the video and wrote, “#KanganaRanaut exposes the propaganda by arnd #SushantSinghRajput’s tragic death &how the narrative is spun to hide how their actions pushed #Sushant to the edge.Why it’s imp to give talent their due &when celebs struggle with personal issues media to practice restraint.” In the video, Kangana even spoke highly about Sushant’s achievements like his Stanford scholarship and more. She even slammed the culture of blind items as she revealed that she gets calls from people who tel her not to take any wrong step in life.

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Karan Johar had written a heartwrenching note after Sushant’s death saying that he blamed himself for not being in touch with him for the past year. He had written, “I have felt at times like you may have needed people to share your life with…but somehow I never followed up on that feeling…will never make that mistake again…we live in very energetic and noisy but still very isolated times …some of us succumb to these silences and go within…we need to not just make relationships but also constantly nurture them….Sushants unfortunate demise has been a huge wake up call to me …to my level of compassion and to my ability to foster and protect my equations…..I hope this resonates with all of you as well….will miss your infectious smile and your bear hug.”

Many took to Twitter to allege that Karan and Alia had once made fun of Sushant on the Koffee With Karan.

After establishing himself as a successful actor with the show Pavitra Rishta, Sushant made the jump to films in 2013. He acted in films such as PK, Raabta, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story and Chhichhore.

As per reports, Sushant was allegedly suffering from depression. The post mortem report of the actor revealed that he passed away due to asphyxiation by hanging. Sushant’s funeral will take place in Mumbai today.

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