Monday 5 December 2022
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SportsShastri disagrees with Kohli's woke message for Holi

Shastri disagrees with Kohli’s woke message for Holi

In an otherwise jovial atmosphere, Ravi Shastri was quick to respond to Virat Kohli who had appealed for less consumption of water during Holi

The disagreement of Ravi Shastri with the festive message of Virat Kohli resurfaced today on the occasion of Holi as an old video of the Indian cricket team went viral on Facebook and Twitter again. While the former India head coach and the former skipper share a special bond on and off the field and are pretty much on the same page on different issues, Shastri could not accept the appeal by Kohli to “use less water” during the festival of colours.

In the old video that has been reshared online, probably on the day of Holi in another year, Kohli and Shastri can be seen seated together in a bus where the two record messages for their fans on the festival of colours. “Happy Holi everyone. Have a great day. Enjoy. Use less water and more colour,” Kohli wished his fans while smiling on the camera.

Shastri, who was seated alongside the then-captain, was quick to respond: “Use everything. Have an absolute blast. Happy Holi.”

After the retort, the entire crew busted into laughter.

In the longer version of the same video posted around 2017, Harbhajan Singh, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane along with support staff can be seen recording their Holi wishes.

Kohli has been increasingly coming across as woke in his social messages. He has in the past appealed for firecracker-less Diwali. “It’s been a tough year for all of us all around the world, especially in India with wave 2 hitting us in 2021. As we get ready for Diwali in this festive season, I will be sharing some of my tips for you to celebrate with loved ones and family,” he had said in a video message before the Diwali of 2021.

The tweet had gone viral and received a mixed response from the fans. Kohli got brutally trolled too. Some netizens made personal attacks on Kohli saying that the India skipper was promoting Anushka’s ‘no cracker’ policy during Diwali but he does not say anything when crackers are burst during IPL celebrations, New Year and other non-Hindu events. Kohli deleted that tweet eventually.

The most infamous decision of Kohli arguably was to lead the Indian cricket team in “taking the knee” before the T20 World Cup game against Pakistan last year — in a mark of solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement despite representing a country that has never treated players of black skin unfairly. Indians questioned why the captain of India, which has fought against apartheid and loved West Indian cricket legends, needed to cut a sorry figure, unlike the Western countries that have a dubious record of racism.

Shastri had not disagreed with Kohli's act of making the team take the knee before the T20 World Cup game against Pakistan last year
Before the T20 World Cup game against Pakistan in October 2021

In January before a match, Kohli was seen chewing gum while the national anthem played.

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