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‘Shashi Tharoor spent nights with Mehr Tarar, upsetting Sunanda Pushkar’

Police said journalist Nalini Singh had deposed that Sunanda Pushkar had said that Shashi Tharoor had spent nights with Mehr Tarar in Dubai

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Saturday said in a court that Congress politician Shashi Tharoor’s relationship with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar often led to quarrels with Sunanda Pushkar. The law seems to be tightening screws on Tharoor.

During a hearing in the Rouse Avenue Court, Delhi Police said that a case of abetment of Sunanda Pushkar’s suicide should be registered against Tharoor. His relationship with Tarar and quarrels with Pushkar in Dubai figured in the submissions before the court during the hearing, too.

Delhi Police told the court that the servant of the house had given a statement that there was often a fight between the spouses. There was a lot of quarrel over Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. One such fight that was really big happened in Dubai. They fought till 4 in the morning.

The Delhi Police argued today on the basis of statements of Sunanda’s close relatives and the housekeeper. The police told the court that Tharoor could be prosecuted for the murder of his wife. Police said that if the court were to order so, a murder case could be registered against Tharoor.

Stepson of Tharoor refuses to believe mother could commit suicide

The Delhi Police argued in the court at the time of hearing that it was Tharoor and Pushkar’s third marriage. Her son Shiv Menon had said in front of the SDM that his mother was a strong lady. She was a woman with strong intentions, he had said. Shiv Menon had said she could never commit suicide.

Not only this but Pushkar’s brother said too that his sister was under a lot of stress. He had said in his statement that the mail she wrote on 8 January showed that she was under psychological pressure.

‘Romantic’ messages on mobile phone

Delhi Police further told the court that Sunanda had told Nalini Singh that she had seen the message from Tharoor’s BBM chat in which romantic messages were exchanged with Mehr Tarar. One of the messages said Tharoor would divorce Pushkar.

According to journalist Singh, Sunanda said that Tharoor had spent nights with Mehr Tarar in Dubai. The message talked also about marrying a Pakistani journalist. During a journey from Thiruvananthapuram on a flight, when Tharoor went to the toilet, she checked his messages, Tharoor was still in touch with the Pakistani journalist.

While watching a TV show on 16 January 2014, Singh received a call from Sunanda where the latter was heard crying inconsolably.

Citing the statement of Sunil Takru, a friend of Sunanda Pushkar, Delhi Police said that there was a quarrel with Tharoor over the Pakistani journalist. Sunanda had threatened to expose Tharoor. She was under stress constantly. Sunanda was tense about Mehr Tarar. Under these circumstances, she was either poisoned or she consumed poison, the police said. There was no cardiac problem, they said. Neither was there a sugar problem, as the medical report tells normal, they said.

Delhi Police told the special judge that the first post-mortem report suggested Alprazolam poisoning. The 15 bruises on the body were sustained between 4 hours and 12 days before the death. Poison was administered either orally or via injection. The forensic science atomic analysis says that Sunanda was gripped by tension. She had not fed for days on end. She would smoke continuously.

The report, the police said, talked of Sunanda’s problems with her husband. This is an unnatural death, they said.

Delhi Police concluded its arguments in the court on 31 August. Now the next hearing of the case will be held on 17 October. In the next hearing, Shashi Tharoor’s lawyer will present his side.

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