Friday 27 May 2022
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Sharjeel Usmani finds communal angle in caste rivalry

News Laundry columnist and Islamist Sharjeel Usmani has a record of fanning communal passions and spewing hatred for the Hindu community

News Laundry columnist and Islamist Sharjeel Usmani has interpreted an incident of crime in Haryana to peddle hatred against the Hindu community whereas Hindus say the incident did not have any communal angle to it, OpIndia reported.

The News Laundry columnist said that Hindus who chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’ are most likely terrorists.

Source: Twitter

The crime that Sharjeel Usmani referred to in order to defame Hindus is suspected to be a case of personal rivalry. A certain Asif was murdered during a clash between two groups. Only recently, the group Asif was associated with had attacked members of the other group.

The opposite group tried to exact revenge during which Asif lost his life. Thus, quite clearly, it does not appear to be motivated by any communal inclinations. However, the allegations that are currently dominating discourse is that the mob that attacked Asif forced him to chant “Jai Sri Ram”.

The first witness testimony by Asif’s brother Rashid does not make such a charge. He does name some of the suspects such as Patwari but ‘Jai Shri Ram’ does not figure in his statement. It is quite a significant detail that does not expect a victim to forget while recording his statement in a video.

Incidentally, “Jai Sri Ram” figured for the first time during the episode in a report by Maktoob Media. “A group of 15 stopped the car and started abusing the passengers. They shouted “maar mulle ko” (kill the mullahs) and lynched Khan,” Asif’s uncle Hasan Khan told Maktoob.

Maktoob, incidentally, has in the past indulged in mischief to peddle propaganda. In the violence at Jamia University episode, Maktoob released a heavily edited video online to cast aspersions at the Delhi Police which was forced to enter the campus to flush out rioters.

The husband of Aysha Renna, Afsal Rahman, is a contributor at Maktoob. Aysha Renna had called India ‘fascist’ for executing Mumbai Blast terrorist Yakub Memon.

Supreme Court lawyer Anas Tanwir says that the uncle is not an eyewitness and the eyewitness does not mention ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

Haryana Police has ruled out any communal angle to the crime. The Police said that two cases have been filed against Asif alias Saddu and five against Pradeep alias Patwari, the prime suspects in the Asif murder case.

Initial has revealed that Asif is a close aide of BSP leader from Sohna, Javed Ahmed. He is a relative of Indian National Congress (INC) MLA from Nuh, Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed. Pradeep is a close aide of local leader, Bhalla, who is in turn a close aide of BJP’s Sohna MLA Kanwar Sanjay Singh.

In the village, there are two -based groups, one is of Zakirs led by Asif and the other of Gurjars led by Pradeep. Each group has 15-20 members. More than three weeks ago, Asif’s group had beaten members of Pradeep’s group and, to avenge the same, Pradeep’s group attacked Asif.

Sharjeel Usmani has a record of instigating communal passions and hatred against the Hindu community.

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