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Sharjeel confesses he wants to turn India into Islamic state

And he does not regret having made speeches urging Muslims to seize and disintegrate the country, the 'scholar' the leftist media is sympathising with confessed to the police

Sharjeel Imam, a Shaheen Bagh protest organiser, in the course of his five-day police remand has made several shocking revelations as he was interrogated. The biggest thing that has come out from the police sources is that he does not regret making the misleading, mischievous and provocative speeches for which he was arrested under sections of the IPC that deal with sedition/treason.

Interrogated in remand, Sharjeel came across as a radical Islamist who believes that India should be an Islamic country, said police sources. He has said the videos of his speeches are genuine, and that he delivers such speeches in different places. Sharjeel has said further, say sources, that he has no regrets of arrest.

The Islamist is so hot to handle that the Shaheen Bagh protesters, with many professing views similar to his, have disowned him as the organiser of their protest event.

Police are currently investigating whether the self-confessed Islamist has links with the Islamic Youth Federation and the Popular Front of India. Police have sent all his videos to forensic labs and are also investigating his social media account.

Lawyers demand stringent action against Sharjeel

Sharjeel was to be produced in the Patiala House Court on Wednesday. Accused of conspiring to disintegrate the country, he was later produced at the residence of the Metropolitan Magistrate of Saket Court amid tight security due to the apprehension that two sections of lawyers could create a ruckus in the court premises, with one demanding he be set free for the sake of freedom of expression and the other asking for stringent punishment for him.

At the Patiala House Court today, some lawyers shouted slogans calling Sharjeel a traitor. Posters asked for strict punishment for treason. A heavy police force and CRPF were deployed in view of the tense atmosphere.

Intelligence reports suggest that during the interrogation of Sharjeel in five-day custody, demonstrations at the Shaheen Bagh may intensify. The agencies are exploring foreign links of the squatters.

There are cases registered against Sharjeel in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Assam and other states, mostly accusing him of sedition.

Delhi Police had brought him from Patna to the national capital on Wednesday after his arrest on Tuesday from Jahanabad in Bihar.

In Faridabad, activists and advocates under the banner of Creative Lawyers Front have filed a complaint against Sharjeel Imam at the central police station. They urged the police to register a case of treason against him for trying to create chaos in the country by making inflammatory speeches that urged Muslims to block the army’s path to Assam and separate the state from the Union of India.

Advocates have warned that if the police do not register a case of treason against the accused, they will approach the court. The police pacified the lawyers by assuring them a case would be registered on the instructions of senior officers.

An advocate member of Creative Lawyers Front, Manoj Sharma said, “There has been an attempt to permanently and temporarily separate Assam from other parts of the country by obstructing the rail route in the Muslim-dominated area called Chicken Neck.”

“It is a conspiracy to harm the country. Action should be taken against Sharjeel Imam by registering a case of treason against him,” read the message from the lawyers. The lawyers who have formed this association are Raju Tyagi, Awadhesh Sharma, Manmeet Kaur, Arvind Chavari, Yogesh Dutt Sharma, Hemraj Kottia, Kishan Sharma, Aamir Khan, Anil Kumari, Bhuvnesh Vasistha, Sachin Vats, Aneesh, Vijay Hardeep, etc. They were at the police station.

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