Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Shantanu Muluk gets bail; Disha told Greta not to tweet toolkit, say police

Shantanu Muluk from Maharashtra's District Beed gets transit anticipatory bail from the Aurangabad Bench of the Bombay High Court for 10 days


The Aurangabad Bench of the Bombay High Court today granted Shantanu Muluk, allegedly a member of the team that made the to plan an anarchic situation in the midst of farmers’ protest, transit anticipatory.

Shantanu Muluk, a resident of Maharashtra’s District Beed, has been given the bail for 10 days.

A team of Delhi Police had visited Shantanu’s parents in Beed. The team which is looking for an absconding Shantanu questioned his parents and went to Shantanu’s bank branch to inquire about his account details.

Shantanu’s father Shivlal told reporters that the Delhi Police team had arrived at his place on 12 February to ask the family a few questions. “We cooperated fully. Then they went to Aurangabad and I accompanied them. Two people came, of which, one was a police inspector and the other was a constable,” said Shivlal.

Shantanu’s mother said, “I had had a conversation with my son a few days ago when he came for the wedding of a cousin. We haven’t spoken since then. We are worried about his whereabouts.”

Shantanu was a part of Disha’s gang

Already arrested Disha Ravi — in police custody since Sunday— Shantanu and Nikita Jacob are accused of making a that PR-created activist Greta Thunberg shared on Twitter. Thunberg lent her support to the ongoing farmers’ agitation against India’s three farm-related laws that the Narendra Modi government amended in a bid to free farmers from the clutches of middlemen and APMC markets.

In Delhi, police say they have dug out WhatsApp messages where Disha Ravi tells Greta Thunberg not to tweet the toolkit, as it has the names of members of her gang. and due to this we can be cracked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act ie UAPA.

This message dates back to the time when Greta Thunberg tweeted the toolkit, the conversation between the two on WhatsApp exposed.

The document referred to as a listed various urgent actions, including creating a Twitter trend and protesting outside Indian embassies — particularly on Republic Day.

WhatsApp chat between Greta Thunberg, Disha Ravi

Greta (9:25 PM): It would be really good to have it ready now.. I will receive so many threats because of this.. It’s really blowing up

Disha: Sh*t.. Sh*t

Disha: Sending it to you..

Disha (9:35 PM): Ok can you not tweet the at all..can we just not say anything at all for a while? I am gonna talk to lawyers. I am sorry but our names are on it and we can literally get UAPA against us.

Disha (9:39 PM): Are you ok?

Greta (9:40 PM): I need to write something

Disha (9:40 PM): Can you give me five minutes I am talking to the lawyers

Greta (9:41 PM): These hate storms happen sometimes and they’re really intense

Disha (9:41 PM): I am really really sorry.. We are all panicking because this is getting really bad here

Disha Ravi then tells Greta Thunberg that they will make sure the Swedish activist’s name remains “in the clear”, saying they have to deactivate all social [media accounts].

Disha (9:41 PM): But we will make sure you are in the clear

Disha: We just have to deactivate all socials

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