Friday 27 May 2022
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Cricketer Shami slams Islamic fundamentalists

Gurgaon: India’s pace bowler Mohammed Shami suddenly came into limelight when on 23 December he posted a photo on his official Facebook page with his wife. To some Islamic fundamentalists, this photo exemplified reckless behaviour!

Shami“Sami tum Muslim ho our achhi tarah jante ho ki orat ko kaisea rakha jata ha yah sobha nahi deta (Sami, you are a Muslim and you know very well how a woman should be kept. This does not suit you),” commented a certain Qiamuddin Ansari.

An Abul Fazal added, “Wow re wow! Tomhara bap ye kehte hai ki hamara beta musalman hai isliye india’s (sic) top 11 me jaga nehi deta lekin ye to dikh raha hai ki tomhara beta musalman nehi hai isliye aysa patni mila. Tom logo ko waja se sare islam ko bad nam ho raha hai. Achha musalman o ko sab desh jaga deta hai jaisa hasim amla, moeen ali ne kiya tha aur us desh ki tarah hamara desh abi tak nehi pouchha hai jitne bhi modi aa jau na kiye (Wow! Your father says that his son is a Muslim; hence, he did not get a place in India’s top 11, but here it can be clearly seen that his son is not a Muslim; so, he got such a wife. It is because of people like you that Islam is being vilified. Every country gives respect to good Muslims such as Hashim Amla, Moeen Ali, and our country has still not reached that place, no matter how many Modis come).”

Here are a few more who posted such unsolicited advices that reactions by liberals saw more than a thousand comments posted in a matter of a few hours. When last seen, the photograph had elicited more than 40,000 likes and 800 shares.

Bhai me a bhat aap se yehi kahuga aap apne bibi ko Islami tarike par rakho sami bhai Allah ke liye” ― Sahabu Ansari

sharam karo sar ap ek muslim ho bibi ko parde me rakho aur kuch sikho amla ali aur bhi bahut saro sr” ― Salman Ansari

“I have doubt your wife muslim (sic) or another religion girl (sic)?? Pls afraid to allah (sic)” ― Mohemmed Nowsath

Akib Javed wrote: “क्या आपको अल्लाह और उसके रसूल का डर नही है क्या आपकी बीवी इस्लामिक सभ्यता से हट कर है अल्लाह के वास्ते ऐसा ना करे आपने घर की जीनत को पर्दे में रखे (Do you have no fear of Allah and His Prophet? Is your wife beyond the remit of the Islamic civilisation? For the sake of Allah, do not do this; keep the jewel of your household behind the veil)”

Shami and familyA few days later, Shami has posted his reply. In essence, his message is: “Mind your own business!”

Very good morning

Har kisi ko jindagi mai mukam ni milta, kuch kismat wale hi hote hai jinhe ye nasib hota hai.! jalteee rahooooo…

Ye dono meri zindage or life partner hai me acha trha janta hu kiya karna hai kiya nahi. hame apne andar dekhna chahiye ham kitne acche ha

(A very good morning! Not everyone attains a position in life; only a lucky few are able to get there. Keep burning (with envy)! One of them is the soul of my life and the other my life partner, and I know well what to do and what not to. One should look within and think how good a person he is).

It must be noted, not every Muslim respondent had approved of the fundamentalist rants.

A Facebook user Feroz Shaikh wrote pungently, “Ye sare Muslims jo shami ko ghyan rahe hai agar unme waqai Allah ka darr hai to mobile par net use Karna chod de q k parda na karne par ise jo gunah hoga usse bada gunah aap jahilo ko Islam ka mazak banane par hoga… (If all these Muslims who are advising Shami what to do really fear Allah, they should not use the Internet on mobile devices. The sin incurred by reducing Islam to a joke is greater than that earned by not being behind a veil)”

Abrahim Sabir posted: “in sab gyaan waalon ko surveillance mein rakho.. zara pata to chale ye gyaan aa kahan se raha hai .. (put these advisers on surveillance; let us know where they come from) somebody please tag the home ministry here..put these jokers under investigation”

“Masha allah kya khoob jodi hai sir. Allah apko hamesha khush rakhe, (What a beautiful couple by God’s grace! May Allah keep you happy always!)Shaikh Arshad had wished the couple well.

Since the comments number in thousands, hundreds of comments — some of them ridden with expletives — on either side of the debate could not be reproduced here.

Ironically, the libertarians who had taken exception to negative reactions from some people to the nomenclature of Saif Ali Khan Pataudi and Kareena Kapoor’s son Taimur chose not to register their objection on social media in response to the harassment and heckling Shami had to go through for 48 h.

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