Monday 18 October 2021
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Shami says he attempted suicide thrice

Shami even threw light on another dark phase of his life, which came during recovery from his knee injury, post-2015 ODI World Cup


India’s premier fast bowler, Mohammed Shami, opened up on the darkest phase of his life when he tried to commit thrice, while conversing with Rohit Sharma, on Saturday.

Shami’s life turned upside down after coming back from the 2018 South African tour. His now-estranged wife, Hasin Jahan, accused Shami of domestic violence. She also involved his brother and accusing them of an attempt to murder.

A blast from the past

“I think if my had not supported me back, then I would have lost my cricket. I thought of committing three times during that period due to severe stress and personal problems,” Shami told Rohit on Live session.

Also, Shami revealed that he wanted to jump off the 24th floor of his building. “I was not thinking about cricket at all. We were living on the 24th floor. They (family) were scared I might jump from the balcony. My brother supported me a lot,” added Shami.

Fearing Shami’s tendencies, his and friends gave ample support to the fast bowler, by being there for him at all times.

“My 2-3 friends used to stay with me for 24 hours. My parents asked me to focus on cricket to recover from that phase and not think about anything else,” Shami further added.

A glimpse of what Shami might have been through

Shami even threw light on another dark phase of his life, which came during recovery from his knee injury, post-2015 World Cup. The Bengal bowler recently stated about playing the entire tournament with a broken knee, intaking painkillers and injections.

“When I got injured in the 2015 World cup, after that it took me 18 months to fully recover, that was the most painful moment in my life, it was a very stressful period. When I started playing again, I had to go through some personal issues, I think if my did not support me I would not have made it, I also thought of committing three times,” Shami added.

Despite all odds, Shami came back in the national team and kept taking wickets in all formats of the game to become the pace spearhead for the country.

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