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Shahid challenged to match father Pankaj Kapur’s performance

Shahid recalled his first day of Jersey shoot with his father, and revealed how the film’s director, National Award-winner Gowtam Tinnanuri, asked him if he will be able to match Pankaj’s performance


Shahid Kapoor, who will be seen sharing the screen with his father and actor Pankaj Kapur in Jersey, faced an intimidating yet cute situation. On 23 November when Shahid launched the trailer of the film, he admitted that he was “very scared” of working with his father, a veteran theatre and feature films actor.

Shahid recalled his first day of Jersey shoot with his father and shared how the film’s director, National Award-winner Gowtam Tinnanuri, asked him if he will be able to match Pankaj’s performance.

Shahid said, “I remember with him on day one, and I had shot with Gowtam for about 15 days. I thought he is happy with me as I am bringing something fresh to the role”.

“When we were doing this scene where we are having tea, Goutam took his (Pankaj Kapur) shot and after that his expression changed and he told him he is outstanding. I walked to him and asked, ‘what happened?’. Goutam asked me whether I will be able to match his performance because he is outstanding and that people will not look at me and I better be very good in the shot,” Shahid shared.

Shahid said that it is “still nerve-wracking working with him but it is also a pleasure”. I am not intimidated by him, intimidation is the wrong word. When you have so much respect and regard for somebody you want to be able to be the best. As an actor, it is amazing to be standing in the same frame with a great actor, regardless of whether he is my father or not. It is about two people standing in the frame as actors and seeing what he is doing with his craft. Honestly, it was great learning for me.”

Actor Shahid said working with great actors help him to learn and grow. He said, “I would like to work with people like him. When I worked with Irrfan (Khan) sir, Tabu, Kay Kay Menon, all of these people are phenomenal actors, and being in the frame with them is like learning how to act. That is what we are here to do. I have been doing this (acting) for 20 years, but there’s always so much to learn. It is very scary when you feel you are the best thing in whatever you are doing, because what are you going to gain out of it? You are going to gain nothing. It is a privilege for me to share screen with actors of his caliber.”

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