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Tuesday 18 February 2020

Shah urges Delhi to vote Bharat Mata, beat Shaheen Bagh

Union Home Minister Amit Shah asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at an election rally whether the latter would obstruct the case against Sharjeel Imam the way he had not allowed the case against Umar Khalid

The country’s home minister and former BJP president Amit Shah raised the issue of Shaheen Bagh while addressing an election rally in Najafgarh, Delhi, today. He said that on 8 February, every single vote of the people will tell whether they are with Shaheen Bagh or with Bharat Mata.

Shah further said, “May the people press the button of EVM so loudly that a current passes through Shaheen Bagh.”

The home minister accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Indian National Congress (INC) of inciting riots.

In Najafgarh, the minister said, “When you vote on the 8th, do not think that a vote of yours will make Ajit Bhai (BJP MLA candidate in the area) the MLA. Your vote is going to send a message across the country whether Najafgarh is with Shaheen Bagh or with Bharat Mata’s sons.” Ajit Khadki is the BJP candidate from Najafgarh.

Explaining the imperative of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Shah said, “Kejriwal and the Congress provoke people. They provoked them and incited riots. They said they stood with them (the squatting protesters). Even today, Manish Sisodia said that he was with Shaheen Bagh. I again ask Kejriwal from Nazarfgarh, the land of heroes, ‘Are you with Shaheen Bagh?’ Kejriwal does not say ‘no’.”

Shah said, “Yesterday we caught Sharjeel Imam from Bihar. He had urged his followers to disintegrate India. There were slogans in JNU that Bharat should be dismembered into pieces. We put Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid in jail, but the Kejriwal government did not approve of the case against them. If he comes to ask for votes for his party, ask him why he did you not approve the case against Khalid and Kanhaiya. I want to ask Kejriwal, ‘Will you approve the case against Khalid? Will you allow the case against Sharjeel?”

Shah said, “Kejriwal says BJP loves Pakistanis. ‘Kejriwal, listen, one-third of the people of Delhi came from Pakistan. Do you call them Pakistanis? Shame on you!’ By giving citizenship to those who were tortured in Pakistan, (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi ji has protected their human rights.”

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