Sunday 23 January 2022
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Anand L Rai appreciates ‘gutsy’ attitude of superstar SRK

Mumbai: Be it Darr, Baazigar, Swades or Chak De! India, Shah Rukh Khan has taken some big risks in his over 25-year-long career and it was this “gutsy” attitude of the superstar that made filmmaker Aanand L Rai believe in him.

The duo have collaborated for the first on the upcoming film Zero and the director said Shah Rukh still has a lot to offer as an actor.

“I think he is a very gutsy actor from day one, he has always taken up challenges. And that is the reason I am with him. As a director, you should be prepared to take him on a journey and explore such a superstar.

“He says yes to subjects that are extraordinary and puts himself in a space that is new, yet different,” Rai said.

The director is impressed by Shah Rukh’s performance in the movie, which also features Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

“This is a blessing that I got to work on a film like this with him. I am happy. He is an intelligent person to play this role. Who else can do this and get into the skin of a character like this? It is tough to take away those two feet, flamboyance, grace and still say ‘let’s romance’,” he added.

Shah Rukh’s last release Jab Harry met Sejal did not work at the box office, but Rai is not worried about the fate of his movie.

“In a decade’s time, he will do so much as an actor but as a visionary he will take the Indian cinema ahead. He doesn’t think like just as an actor. Do expect a lot of newer things as an actor. He has got great plans.

“And with this man, if I feel stressed, (it is) not done. There is nervousness and I enjoy that. This is India’s biggest VFX film but you will hardly feel that. It will look like any other normal film and yet new, so that is what the VFX is all about.”

Bollywood’s big names such as Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Juhi Chawla, Sridevi, Rani Mukerji, Kajol, Karisma Kapoor, among others have cameo appearances in the film. But according to Rai, the actors are not placed in the movie deliberately.

“It is a part of the story and it has not been done to increase or give the film a scale. The cameo parts are not done for the sake of it, they have been used (well).

“There is a reason for them to be a part of the film.

They (the appearances) are not structured. It was a delight to have all of them in the film,” he said.

Zero is scheduled to be released on 21 December.


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