Sunday 23 January 2022
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Shah of BJP sees ‘chemistry, not physics’ in UP, Punjab elections

It's not accurate to assume when two parties get together, their vote banks will get added, Amit Shah said, addressing the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today put coalition politics in an interesting perspective, saying, “Politics isn’t physics, it’s chemistry,” while addressing the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit (HTLS) on its final day. Shah stressed that India was in a state of ‘policy paralysis’ before 2014 and that it was changed by the present dispensation.

“It’s not accurate to assume that when two parties get together, the vote banks will add up. In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP will win with a huge majority,” Shah said. He talked about how Narendra Modi-led BJP has transformed the country in the last seven years and listed the achievements of the Narendra Modi government — the surgical strike, turning Article 370 in and Kashmir ineffective, handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, etc.

“India witnessed a stable government after 2014. Before 2014, India was in a state of policy paralysis. India’s dignity suffered, every minister thought he/she is the prime minister. Prime Minister Modi has successfully solved many issues with patience and planning,” he said.

Shah said how India’s dignity suffered before 2014, and said that every minister thought he was the prime minister and people started questioning the multi-party democracy. “The main reason was there was no delivery. Prime Minister Modi has successfully solved many issues with patience and planning.”

Listing several other development initiatives, Shah said, “If I go on, you will think it’s an excerpt from Mahabharata or Ramayana.” The home minister said that due to numerous steps taken by the Modi government, the forex increased from 473 billion to 640 billion.

Shah said that Modi included 80 crore people who were never a part of the country’s progress, said Shah, listing direct benefit transfer, poverty alleviation, rural electrification and other programmes launched by the government.

The former BJP president said the Modi government resolved also the issues in the financial sector with discipline and reduced the share of non-performing assets of banks to a minuscule amount.

Shah said that India’s policy came out of the shadow of foreign policy and “we gave a fitting reply to incursions from across the border with surgical strikes“.

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