Shah Faesal, attempting to leave India, stopped at Delhi airport, sent back to Kashmir

The former IAS officer and Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement president was arrested under the Public Safety Act; he was headed for Istanbul; after he reached Kashmir, he was detained again

Shah Faesal

New Delhi: Former IAS officer and Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement president Shah Faesal was detained by the police at the Delhi airport on Wednesday. He was going abroad. After being taken into custody, he was sent to Kashmir from the airport. He has been placed under house arrest.

Shah Faesal was arrested under the Public Safety Act (PSA). According to sources, he was headed for Istanbul. When Shah Faesal reached Srinagar, he was detained again.

Ever since the Narendra Modi government decided to turn Article 370 toothless, Shah Faesal has been making controversial statements. He said on Wednesday that there were only two paths before the Kashmiris: Be a puppet or a separatist. “There is no other option,” he had said.

The separatist wearing the cloak of a law-abiding IAS officer until recently said that Kashmir needed a long, continuous and non-violent political movement to regain the rights of its people (read, “Muslims alone”) while not even once recalling the persecution of Pandits (Hindus) by the Muslims of Kashmir in the period 1989-92.

Shah Faesal also targeted the Narendra Modi government on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha (Bakrid). He said that there was no real Eid in Kashmir this time. People of Kashmir all over the world are crying over their land being wrongly acceded to India, he said. “We will not have Eid here until the status of the special state we got since 1947 is not returned to us,” he said, making a false claim as Article 370 and Article 35A were added much later and executed through presidential orders of 1950, 1952 and 1954.

Even when the Modi government of the Center decided to turn Article 370 defunct, Shah Faesal had said that there widespread fear in Kashmir. He said that the move broke all hearts and that a sense of defeat was visible on every face. “History has taken a frightening turn for all of us. People are shocked,” he had said.