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SFJ demands liberation of Punjab, sanctions against India

The agenda of pro-Khalistan radical outfit SFJ is out in the open after the group released a new video today, demanding liberation of Punjab


The agenda of pro-Khalistan extremist outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) is now out in the open after the group released a new in which its general counsel Gurpatwant Singh Pannu is heard seeking justice against activists Disha Ravi, Shantanu Muluk, Nikita Jacob, Nodeep Kaur, and all others supporting the middlemen-influenced farmers of Punjab and Haryana. Taking advantage of the ongoing agitation along the borders of Delhi, the SFJ honcho said in the that liberation of Punjab from India was the only “solution”.

Lending the Khalistani group’s strong support to the key accused activists in the case, Pannu said that this had happened because Disha, Nikita, Nodeep, Shantanu and Deep were supporting the agitating farmers. Stating that the SFJ believed in the liberation of Punjab from India, he said the farmers could have their will only when they had a separate nation. 

The Khalistani SFJ chief said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Indian government is now taking away the rights of the protesting farmers and this is why we have created a portal- www.twitter4Framers. in. I am telling you that PM Modi’s regime is tampering with your rights which have been provided to you by “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

Outlining the purpose of creating this portal, the SFJ general counsel said that all the people who stood in strong support of the activists and the protesting farmers had to go to this portal and then shoot an e-mail to the ambassadors of UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Australia and EU, who were currently sitting in and urge them to sanction Narendra Modi.

Asserting that the Indian Prime Minister is using his powers, which were given to him by the constitution “unconstitutionally” to suppress the freedom of speech and expression of everyone, Pannu said, “the Government is using violence and terror tool “sedition” to suppress your democratic voice.” 

Besides the shared by Sikhs For Justice, sources informed Republic Media Network that the Pune-based engineer Shantanu Muluk was seen at Tikri border on 26 January and he was taking shooting videos and taking pictures for the Toolkit for ongoing farmers’ protest

This latest information has been sought by Police after Shantanu Muluk’s call details were scrutinized. It is important to note here that many protestors had gathered at Tikri border on the Republic Day and the tractor march protest had also started from there.

In the tractor violence incidents that had shocked the National Capital on 26 January over 300 police personnel were injured. Police has so far arrested 122 people and registered 44 FIRs in connection to the R-Day violence. The most shocking act of the violence was when a group of farmers allegedly led by actor-turned-activist breached the Red Fort and hoisted the ‘Nishan Sahib’ and the Kisan Union flag atop the Red Fort’s dome and the Khalsa flag on the flag pole.

While the Indian Tricolour remained hoisted atop the national monument, most parties have condemned the violence but questioned the Centre on the failure of law and order in Delhi.

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