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Scindia joins BJP even as INC keeps calling him back

BJP will make Scindia a Rajya Sabha candidate and subsequently a union minister; meanwhile, MP INC made a poetic appeal for his return


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In India

A day after leaving the Congress, Jyotiraditya Scindia joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today. The former Union Minister took BJP membership in the afternoon. BJP president JP Nadda solemnised Scindia’s joining his party.

Scindia had left his residence shortly before joining the BJP. BJP spokesman Zafar Islam accompanied him.

BJP is likely to make Scindia a Rajya Sabha candidate from its quota and later he can be made a minister at the Centre.

Scindia met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister and former BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday.

After these meetings, Scindia made his resignation public by tweeting his letter to INC president Sonia Gandhi, which had the date of 9 March.

Scindia had been waiting to make the big announcement on the 75th birth anniversary of his father Madhavrao Scindia who had been a part of the Jana Sangh like his mother Vijayaraje Scindia until Indira Gandhi formed a government again in 1980 after a brief Janata Party rule.

Jyotiraditya had been upset with Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh, hurt by his neglect since the formation of the government, which was only accentuated when he met with his in-laws in November 2019, as the Maharaja of Baroda, known to be close to Prime Minister Modi, told him he had got a raw deal.

INC expelled Scindia yesterday, pleaded with him to come back today

After Scindia’s resignation, the INC had said that he had been expelled due to “anti-party activities”. INC general secretary KC Venugopal had said in a statement, “INC president Sonia Gandhi approved the expulsion of Scindia with immediate effect due to his anti-party activities.”

In the meantime, 22 INC MLAs resigned while the MLAs of SP and BSP in Madhya Pradesh told Shivraj Singh Chouhan if the BJP formed the government, they would support it.

The INC kept claiming that the Kamal Nath government would complete its term. Chief Minister Kamal Nath said, “There is nothing to worry about. We will prove our majority. Our government will complete its term.”

The party, however, mellowed today. A cryptic tweet from the Pradesh Congress created a new stir. It posted a poem without mentioning Scindia, but that he was the person being addressed was all too obvious. It tweeted:

सम्मान-सौहार्द का,

ये मंज़र न मिलेगा,

घर छोड़ कर मत जाओ,

कहीं घर न मिलेगा।

याद बहुत आयेंगे,

रिश्तों के ये लम्बे बरस,

साया जब वहाँ कोई,

सर पर न मिलेगा।

नफ़रत के झुंड में,

आग तो मिलेगी बहुत,

पर यहाँ जैसा कहीं,

प्यार का दर न मिलेगा।

घर छोड़कर मत जाओ,

कहीं घर न मिलेगा।

“You will no more get this scene of honour and harmony/ Do not leave home, you will not get another. Many memories of these long years of relationships will haunt you/ When there will be no shelter above your head. In the flock of hatred, you will find a lot of fire indeed/ you will not get the place love deserves. Don’t leave home, you will not get another.”

‘Moving on’

In his resignation letter to INC president Sonia Gandhi dated 9 March, Scindia had said that the time had come for him to move on because he was unable to serve the people of the country while staying in her party.

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